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Crayons: Adapted Book and Emergent Readers 4 Book Set (Printable PDF)


Crayons: Adapted Book and Emergent Readers 4 Book Set (Printable PDF)

Builds Confidence In Your Early Readers Differentiating is a breeze, when you have the right materials.

On April 16, 2019, Anne N. said:  Love using this with my "non-readers"--they are reading with these visual supports and they love it!

Earliest readers can use the visual supports at the bottom of each page to find success right away. 

On April 23, 2019, Anna D. said:  What a great idea!  My student who has been struggling with reading and remembering sight words, has been so engaged with reading using these adapted books!  Thank you!

The student can either read the sentence strip at the bottom of the page, or use the adaptable pieces to match the corresponding pictures to create a sentence.

Example Sentences:

  • I see 3 red crayons.
  • I see a blue crayon.
  • I see a purple crayon and a pink crayon.
  • I see a green crayon next to an orange crayon.

20 MB 105 pages Zip File 

Includes 1 Adapted Book & 3 Easy Reader Books (with 2 versions of each

Adapted Book:  How Many? What Color? What?
  • 10 Adaptable Pages

Adapted Book Emergent Reader Customer Testimonial AdaptEd 4 Special Ed

A total of 6 easy readers are included in this set. 

Each set comes with a completed sentence strip at the bottom and a version where the animals are left blank. 

I see a _______. 
I see a _______ next to a _________. 
I see a _______ and a ________. 

Picture/ Word Pieces 
Sentence Strip 

Numbers 1-10
Colors: blue, green, pink, red, purple, light blue, light green, dark green orange, yellow, grey, teal. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Great resource. The adapted book series are excellent for teaching children with special needs.

Works well

Works well

Great product!

Touches on so many skills! Love

Adaptive Book Center is a SUCCESS

I created an adaptive book center for our students during our summer camp for kids with special needs. It was a success!

These books are so helpful

My students loved the colors book and the fact that they created their own books and were able to read the sentences beneath made them overjoyed.They couldn't stop talking about colors all day long and they were very proud of themselves