Days of the Week Calendar Dominoes (Printable PDF)

$3.97 USD

Days of the Week Calendar Dominoes (Printable PDF)

$3.97 USD
Product description

Looking for a fun and interactive way to enhance your special education students' learning experience?

Our printable domino set with the days of the week is a must-have! With the perfect combination of entertainment and skill-building, this versatile set is designed to make learning the days of the week engaging, effective, and exciting.

Get ready to take your morning meetings to the next level and watch your students thrive with our engaging, fun, and highly effective domino set.

They're simple, budget-friendly and an excellent option to provide hands-on learning experiences that are both engaging and effective.

What's Included:

  • 2 sets of dominoes - Days of the Week Abbreviations and Word Only (28 dominoes in each set)
  • Two size options - small (1.2 in x 2.5 in) and large (2 in x 4.1 in)
  • Level 1: Days of the Week Abbreviations and Word Only Options Separately
  • Level 2: Days of the Week Abbreviations and Word Only dominoes together


  • Prep time is minimal - our dominoes can be printed and prepped in less than five minutes
  • Storage is simple - store each set separately or paperclip them together for easy storage in a pencil pouch or plastic zip top bag.
  • Research shows that hands-on learning centers are effective for special education students.
  • Increase engagement by providing tactile learning experiences that help to improve understanding and retention.
  • Levels allow for a personalized approach that meets the individual needs of your students.

So don't wait – upgrade your special education classroom today with printable dominoes from AdaptEd!

This set of Days of the Week Abbreviations and Word Only dominoes will give you everything you need to provide engaging and effective hands-on learning experiences for your special education students!

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Kimberly Nellis
Dominos for Days of the Week

Our kiddos really need to establish the functional skill of knowing their days of the week in text. This domino game really gives them opportunity for PRACTICE which is so important. We use them during their independent work stations as a task box activity.


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