Descriptive Writing Unit: Sandwiches (Printable PDF)

$4.95 USD

Descriptive Writing Unit: Sandwiches (Printable PDF)

$4.95 USD
Product description

Making your own sandwich is always a creative way to make lunch. 

But it comes with so many decisions... type of bread, cheese, sauce, veggies, etc. 

Sandwich Descriptive Writing Unit will sharpen students' writing skills by practicing writing and mixing in a little food motivation... 

All they have to do is choose what bread they want—toasted or untoasted? 
What kind of cheese do they like? 
How about a little mayo or mustard or buffalo sauce? 

The real question is, what's not to love? 

This sandwich descriptive writing unit will have your kids over the moon about creating these wholesome sandwiches. 

At the end, let them choose from either heading to their local sandwich shop and ordering one themselves or plan it with these materials for their own school made lunchtime masterpiece! 

Tasty meets creativity in this awesome culinary writing adventure you can trust to make any student smile. 


- 20 page PDF 
- Step by step visuals for creating their perfect sandwich. 
- First, next, last writing prompts for putting their sandwich together. 
-a page on a personal reflection where they describe the sandwich they made using descriptive words and end it by writing a sentence or paragraph about the experience. 

Descriptive Writing Unit: Sandwiches (Printable PDF)

$4.95 USD
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Customer Reviews

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Janis, Sheila

Finally figured out my printing issue (doc was too big) and was able to print and use! Great, fun activity!

Janis, Sheila
unable to print. :(

This activity looks amazing and I couldn't wait to do it with my students however, I was unable to print for some unknown reason. I did email for help and got a response and am waiting on a possible solution. I will update my review if the issue is resolved.

Hey Sheila,

Oh, no! I'm so sorry to hear about the printing mishap with our 'Letters to Santa' printable PDF. It's such a bummer when technology doesn't cooperate, isn't it?

Here's what we did: we gave that pesky file a good ol' resave and re-uploaded it onto our site. Just to be double sure, we hit print on our end too and guess what? It printed just fine!

So, my friend, would you mind giving it another shot? Please try printing the document again using this fresh-off-the-presses (quite literally!) file. If that sneaky problem decides to stick around, don't worry - just ping us and we'll dive right back into troubleshooting mode.

I really hope this helps make your experience with our product smoother! And hey, if you find a moment, do consider updating your review based on your new experience. We truly value your feedback.

Remember, we're here for you. Thanks for your patience and for keeping us on our toes!

Take care,



In my class, we make sandwiches for staff members. This is going to be a great introductory lesson for the students entering my class this year.

Annie Ashcraft

Perfect! Thank you for a great product!

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