Digital Jack-O-Lanterns: Halloween 3 No Prep Activities (Interactive Digital)

$7.95 USD

Digital Jack-O-Lanterns: Halloween 3 No Prep Activities (Interactive Digital)

$7.95 USD
Product description

Interactive Jack-O-Lantern Activity Set 

3 No Prep Google Slides  Sets

    • Set 1: Matching
      • Drag and Drop the Pieces to Recreate the Same Expression 
      • 50 Interactive Slides
    • Set 2: Emotions 
      • ex: The Pumpkin feels happy, drag and drop the pieces to make a pumpkin that looks happy. 
      • 23 common emotions. Happy, sad, upset, anxious...
      • 56 Interactive Slides
    • Set 3: Make Your Own + Emotions
      • Make your own + How does it feel? Type in the emotion.
      • 63 Interactive Slides

    The PDF download contains the links to the digital versions. 

    You can use this on either a computer, Chromebook or tablet. 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 32 reviews
    Tom Knauf
    Nice adapted book

    I like the core words used in this engaging book. I was also able to incorporate other goals.

    Lindsey Miller-Boyd
    Great for teaching vocabulary!

    I used this book to address/teach the word "open" and paired the book with a CORE Board. It was easy to extend the use of "open" across several different activities after using this book. The book is simple yet engaging and versatile! Thank you for creating so many wonderful resources to keep learning fun!

    Lindsey Miller-Boyd
    Useful for Attributes

    This book was perfect to address learning to use attributes as well as increasing response length when commenting/answering questions. I love the fact that this book is able to be easily incorporated into any language building session to address multiple skills/goals.
    The illustrations are bright and fun! My students love to use these books!

    Mary Slaughter
    Great resource

    Love this! Great sequencing and simple pictures!

    Whitney Mohr
    Kids loved it

    My kids loved this book. We even did the masks and took pictures and did a writing.


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