Emergent Readers 5 Book Set: Printed Books

$59.99 USD

Emergent Readers 5 Book Set: Printed Books

$59.99 USD
Product description

Specifically written and designed for students with special needs, this set of 5 books is highly engaging, with colorful and vivid images, and attention-grabbing themes. 

They focus on essential skills such as improving reading fluency, teaching sight words, and building CORE vocabulary. 

Skills that are needed to help your child read more confidently, naturally, and eventually, independently.

Not only that, but also included with each book is the option to print and use sentence strips, making them interactive so students feel ENGAGED in their reading.

Professionally printed on-demand in the US.

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Each book is printed with a high gloss, durable cover, and measures 8.25” x 8.25”.  Important note: these are printed on demand and delivery takes approximated 2-3 weeks.

  • Book 1 - VERBS 38 pages
    • Teaches action words and how to use them in sentences
    • Builds proper pronoun usage. (He/ She is... )   
  • Book 2 - How Many? What Color? What Is It? Crayons 20 pages
    • Focuses on answering simple questions
    • Tackles basic concepts, counting skills and colors identification
  • Book 3 - I Like… I Don’t Like… To Eat 19 pages
    • Works on expressing opinions with proper sentence structure
    • This emergent reader builds core language, and expressing opinions is a high interest topic!
  • Book 4 - I See… Vehicles 19 pages
    • This high interest emergent reader will get your students reading independently!
    • Simple sentence structure and core vocabulary also helps improve MLU. (mean length of utterance)
  • Book 5 - I See… Pets 56 pages
    • This high interest emergent reader will get your students reading independently!
    • Simple sentence structure and core vocabulary also helps improve MLU. (mean length of utterance)

This easy reader is a great tool to motivate reluctant and struggling readers to “read” along with you, or independently.

The simple and repetitive sentence structure is a great way to increase language and MLU (mean length of utterance) with struggling learners.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Rebecca Smith
Haven't received

It's been almost two weeks since my order and I haven't received these. They look great and I love that they offer PECS/Pictures but they're hard to use if you don't have them. My order just says confirmed and I haven't received updates, which is also frustrating.

Terry DiRado
Emergent Readers

These are terrific books for very young readers. My special education kids love the bright colors and the interesting pictures. I have a number of non readers that finally have the joy of reading a real book all by themselves. Are you going to make more?

M. Green
Emgergent Readers- set of 5 books

I love the product and am truly looking forward to using with my students. My staff and I have looked at the products and can see that our students will gain language with using the books. If there are any other books such as these created I can foresee myself purchasing.

Ms. Green

Mary Lyon

I love the quality of these books. The students like them too! Lots of core.

Cynthia Davis
So amazing ..love the picture and pecs symbols

I home school my special needs 3rd grader and next year will also have a kindergartener. These books are so pretty, and great quality. I dont always have alot of prep time so the fact that they are printed for us is a win win. My sons speech therapist is so impressed. We will be ordering more products soon.

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