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Emergent Readers: I see... (animals) Set of 6 (Printable PDF)

  • Emergent Readers: I see... (animals) Set of 6 (Printable PDF)
  • Emergent Readers: I see... (animals) Set of 6 (Printable PDF)
  • Emergent Readers: I see... (animals) Set of 6 (Printable PDF)
  • Emergent Readers: I see... (animals) Set of 6 (Printable PDF)
  • Emergent Readers: I see... (animals) Set of 6 (Printable PDF)
  • Emergent Readers: I see... (animals) Set of 6 (Printable PDF)
  • Emergent Readers: I see... (animals) Set of 6 (Printable PDF)
  • Emergent Readers: I see... (animals) Set of 6 (Printable PDF)

Emergent Readers: I see... (animals) Set of 6 (Printable PDF)


Easy Reader Adapted BooksIncrease students MLU (mean length of utterance) with these adapted books, while helping them to learn concepts about print, and beginning sight words.

Our emergent readers teach show your earliest readers how fun/ interactive reading can be. 

Your student can either read the sentence strip at the bottom of the page, or use the adaptable pieces to match the corresponding pictures to create the sentence. (Ex: I see a bear.) 

Need an activity pronto?  These files can be loaded onto an ipad and used with your students in a matter of minutes!  Get your set now! 

Adapted 4 special ed associations and seals

Digital Download: Compressed Zip File  14 MB 96 pages

6 Easy Reader Adapted Books

I see a.... 

Pet Animals: Dog, Cat, Fish, Guinea Pig, Frog, Bird, Lizard, Snake, Rat, Rabbit, Ferret, and Hamster

Farm Animals: goat, cow, pig, chicken, donkey, horse, turkey, duck, sheep, rabbit, dog

Sea Animals: walrus, whale, hermit crab, dolphin, octopus, seal, stingray, shark, sea turtle, starfish, penguin, sea horse and fish

Zoo Animals: gorilla, polar bear, flamingo, bear, kangaroo, peacock, bison, Koloa bear, monkey, porcupine, tiger, panda bear, crocodile

Safari Animals: elephant, hyena, rhinoceros, zebra, tiger, hippopotamus, meerkat, leopard, giraffe, lion, cheetah, antelope.

Wild Animals: skunk, seagull, swan, fox, bird, turtle, deer, raccoon, wolf, frog, squirrel, crow, bear, mouse, turkey, duck

Great for Independent Work Station 

Mary A. This book went over very well in my preschool. All of my students were excited to say what the text said. 

Michele F. The kids love them. They are such a time saver. 

Teresa H. My autistic kids love your books that they can "read".

Anita D. Can't wait to use these during centers! A great way for my students to participate in gen. ed. :)

All of our products are classroom tested and therapy tested- we’ve used them ourselves and know that they are effective! AdaptEd is made up of a team (SLP, OT and SPED teacher / AT Specialist) so that we can offer you the best, and the most reliable resources possible.

We know how frustrating it can be to spend your hard earned money on something- only to open it and find out it’s not what you were looking for. That- this simply is not going to do anything useful for you or your students. We don’t want that- and we know you don’t either! If you’re not completely satisfied with your download email us at and let us know. We’d love to see how we can fix it!

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews

I just want to thank the adapted4specialed team for all their work and for the Spanish version of some of their books. I hope you make more Spanish material.

Love these books!

I am in the process of making these. I am so excited to bring these into my classrooms!

I cried

I am not a special educator but I was searching for a resource that would allow one of my precious learners to feel successful. Without going into details, she is cognitively lower than any other learner I have ever shared a classroom with. I gave her the first book the other day. We read it together but she read most of it. We were so excited at the end and another learner declared that we needed a Celebration of Learning because of her hard work. (My ❤️, by the way). She then read it to him and, upon completion, turned to me and said, “Thank you, Mrs. Gedney.” This learner was thanking me for finding the just right text that gained her respect from her classmates and increasing her self esteem. I cried...and I thank you for making me cry.

I've been eyeing these for a long time!

I have been eyeing this product for a long time on facebook! I am super excited that I now own it! It is AMAZING!


These books have been great for my students using visual to learn sight words.