Grocery Store Shopping Lists Mega Bundle (Interactive Digital Sets + Printable PDF's)

$73.31 USD $104.79 USD -31% OFF

Grocery Store Shopping Lists Mega Bundle (Interactive Digital Sets + Printable PDF's)

$73.31 USD $104.79 USD -31% OFF
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In 2019, only 30.9% of people with disabilities (ages 16-64) were employed. 

It's out mission to change that! 

It's time to build the skills they'll need for a bight future TODAY. 

AdaptEd 4 Special Ed Life Skills Shopping List Mega Bundle

This set includes 7 sets of Shopping Lists Activities that mimic different grocery story aisles. 

🍎 Fruits and Vegetables
🥫 Canned Foods
🍟 Chips and Snacks
🍦 Ice-Cream
🥤 Drinks and Sodas 
🥣 Cereal
🛒 Mixed Foods  


Included Digital Activities:

Watch the video below to see one of the digital versions in action! + printables make it quick and easy for techies and non techies alike...


Shopping List -175 Shopping Lists with Printable Hands-On Manipulatives + Visual Supports: Drag and drop virtual activity 

Shopping Lists: Reading - 175 Written Orders Shopping Lists with Printable Hands-On Manipulatives + Visual Supports: Drag and drop virtual activity

Included Printable Activities:

"Is this what's on the list?: Yes/no" - 175 task cards

""What's wrong with this basket?" (choose the food that shouldn't be there)" - 175 task cards

"What's missing from the list?" (choose the item that is missing) - 175 task cards

Shopping List: 175 Shopping Lists with Printable Hands-On Manipulatives + Visual Supports

Shopping List: Reading 175 Written Lists with Printable Hands-On Manipulatives 

    Digital Setup: 

    You can get started with the interactive digital versions 💻 in a matter of SECONDS. 

    The PDF download contains the links to the digital version as well as the print option. This set can also be printed and used as a hands-on task bin. 

    Digital Versions are saved on Google Slides  

    You can use this on either a computer, Chromebook or tablet.

    This video walks you through the steps to getting this setup and into your student's hands!

    Everything is ready to go- your students can be using these in just a few minutes. 

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    Sarah R.

    This resource has helped us help our students with grocery shopping. It provides assistance on grocery shopping in a controlled environment.

    Lauren Wendt
    Very Satisfied

    This is great!

    Kelly Martinez

    Great resource for lifeskills!!!!

    Margaret Crowe

    This is a great resource!

    Laurie Wear

    This is a great real world resource for students to use!


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