Describe It: Adjectives Set (Printable PDF)

$5.97 USD

Describe It: Adjectives Set (Printable PDF)

$5.97 USD
Product description

Those pesky adjectives!  

They can be such a sticking point for our students. 

Are you familiar with the “freeze face” that happens when you ask your student to think of a describing word?  We are! 

That’s why we developed a system to support our students while they are learning to describe. 

Visual supports help the students to feel grounded and more comfortable making their own decisions.

This product includes visual supports/charts to help students describe (RECEPTIVELY and EXPRESSIVELY!)  in five different areas: 

  • Food
  • Animals
  • People
  • Vehicles
  • Toys

Contains two “How it works” pages explaining the receptive cut and paste tasks and the expressive charting & sentence writing tasks. 

You will loooove the simplicity of this re-useable material.  

The receptive tasks focus on teaching the meaning of common adjectives.  The expressive tasks include charts where the students choose from a selection of available adjectives, a word bank where they collect their adjectives, and a fill-in-the-blank sentence strip where they put it all together. 

Oh- and did we mention that this is NO PREP?!?!?  Simply print and GO.  You’re welcome :)

But the best part?  At the end of the task your students will have created their own UNIQUE sentences that include at least 2 describing words!  

Make it a party and have each student share their own special sentence!


Describe It: Adjectives Set (Printable PDF)

$5.97 USD
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Customer Reviews

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Megan Shickles

So great for teaching adjectives!


This activity is highly engaging and can be used in other ways in the classroom. Great product!

Stephanie Kaplan

This was a great resource to use with my class. Students were engaged.

Hilary Millard
I can describe it

I bought this for my autistic 5yr old. I decided to do some prep and used the resource to make file folder activities for the receptive language activities so my non verbal junior could practise. He will work 1-1 with a teacher aide modelling the expressive activities.
I also plan to use for vocab development with other 5 year olds.
Thanks Hilary

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