Life Science Ecosystems: Plant and Animal Adaptations + Science Experiments BUNDLE (Printable PDF)

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AdaptEd 4 Special Ed Simple Science Stories How Plants and Animals Adapt To Eco-Systems Around the World 8 Science Experiments 8 Simple Science Stories
Travel the World and Uncover the Most Amazing Adaptations That Animals Use to Survive Extreme Ecosystems Around the World
This is an easy to use, team teaching resource. Teach your students domain specific vocabulary and grade appropriate NGSS standards in an easy to understand format.
Simple Science Stories: Beautiful pictures place the students right there with the plants and animals of each biome. Learning occurs with simple statements that bring the NGSS standards to life right before the students eyes.
Hands-On Learning Help your students connect the dots with hands-on experiments that highlight the unique nature of each biome by replicating the adaptations before their very eyes.
Fully customizable: We know one size fits all doesn't work in special education. This set is ready to go, but with fully editable text you can make small adjustments whenever you need to.
What's Included: Each set includes: A Simple Science Story, Vocabulary Words, Science Experiment, and Cloze Reading Assessment. Teacher notes are included that connect the experiment back to the adaptations.

Life Science Ecosystems: Plant and Animal Adaptations + Science Experiments BUNDLE (Printable PDF)

$39.99 USD
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Need a Simple Solution to Teach REAL Science Concepts?

We all want to provide the best instruction for ALL students. This set evolved out of a collaboration between Gen Ed and SPED, to create materials that hit standards based instruction that is accessible to a variety learning styles.

ūüĎĀÔłŹ Visual:¬†Beautiful images transport the students around the world¬†for a first hand look at the plant and animal adaptations in the different ecosystems.

ūü§Ź Kinesthetic:¬†Our hands-on experiments allows students to get their hands dirty, and see the various adaptations come to life before their very eyes.¬†

Simple Science Stories

Simple stories that visually describe each biome, bring plant and animal adaptations to life with beautiful pictures that help improve comprehension. 

8 Book Set: 

Rainforest Biome: The Amazon Rainforest 

Tundra Biome: The Arctic Tundra 

Desert Biome: The Sonoran Desert 

Ocean Biome: The Great Barrier Reef 

Deciduous Temperate Forest Biome: Smoky Mountains

Chaparral Biome: California’s Chaparral  

Taiga Biome: Canada’s Boreal Forest

Grasslands Biome: The African Savanna 

    Extensions Activities 
    Hands-On Science Experiments 

  • Step by Step Visual Supports
  • Observation Sheet
  • + Teacher Notes¬†
    • Extension Activities¬†


      • Domain specific science vocabulary highlighted in the text
      • Vocabulary cards included
      • Use as flash cards, play a memory game or simply review the vocabulary words and definitions.¬†

      Cloze Reading

      • Let your students show their comprehension by filling in the blanks.¬†


      • Fully editable text allows you to customize the materials to best meet the unique needs of your students.¬†

      NGSS Standards

      Elementary Life Science:


      Kindergarten:  Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems:  Animals, Plants & Their Environment

      Grades 2:  Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems

      Grades 3:  Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems

      MS and HS Life Science:  

      Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems

      Middle School: Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems- Organisms in an Ecosystem

      High School:  Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems-Organisms Dependent on Environmental Interactions



      Middle School:  Adaptations- in any given environment some organisms thrive while others do not survive. 

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