Master 2D Shapes Bundle: Adapted Books, File Folders and Worksheets

$24.97 USD

Master 2D Shapes Bundle: Adapted Books, File Folders and Worksheets

$24.97 USD
Product description

2D shapes are all around us!

This bundle helps show that everything is made of shapes. Buildings, signs, food... It's a great way to learn about shapes and describe the things you see every day.

Who is it for?

Our Master 2D Shapes Bundle is perfect for anyone who needs to learn basic shapes. Our set provides the visual supports and prompts needed to help support the unique needs of special learners.

But can be used by anyone who wants to learn shapes in a fun, educational way!

 📸 This set includes real photographs and is appropriate for all ages. 

What's Included


  • Standard printer friendly prints 8.5x11 sheets
  • Instant Access
  • Hands-On Learning 



  • Ready to go- no need to print or prep
  • Drag and drop features 

Color and Graph 

11 worksheets 

Shape Hunt

11 printable worksheets included + drag and drop digital 

File Folders 

Shape sorts includes both digital interactive and printable versions of shape sorts. 

10 shapes: 36 digital file folders

Popsicle Stick Shapes Task Bin 

Super simple task bin set up. Print the pages and throw in some popsicle sticks and you've got a hands-on learning center to keep your students busy learning. 

9 printable pages/ shapes

Shapes in the Real World Readers

4 Books: Squares, Rectangles, Circles and Triangles 

These books give learners real images to help them describe everyday items. 

112 pages

Adapted Books

The student can either read the sentence strip at the bottom of the page, or use the adaptable pieces to match the corresponding pictures to create a sentence.

  • Ex: I see 3 red circles. I see a square. I see a square and a circle. I see a heart next to a square.

Includes 1 Adapted Book & 3 Easy Reader Books (with 2 versions of each

Adapted Book:  How Many? What Color? What?

  • 9 Adaptable Pages

A total of 6 easy readers are included in this set. 

Each set comes with a completed sentence strip at the bottom and a version where the animals are left blank. 

I see a _______. 
I see a _______ next to a _________. 
I see a _______ and a ________. 

105 pages

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Jeanne Williams

When hoping to provide meaningful and functional interventions, these books are just perfect.

Thank you for your positive review! We are so glad to hear that our 'Shapes in the Real World' book set has been helpful for your interventions. We hope it continues to be a valuable resource for you. Happy teaching!

Paula A.
Extremely satisfied

Wonderful resource! Thank you so much for sharing!!

Thank you for your kind words, Paula! We're so happy you're enjoying our books and that we could be of help. Thank you for supporting us and spreading the word.

Rebecca Nicoletti
Perfect real life examples!

As a preschool disabled teacher I am always looking for age appropriate materials to engage my students with learning concepts. These books are perfect! The pictures are big and vibrant!

Marcy Bean
Shapes bundle

This was one of the best shapes activities I have seen. I am so glad I purchased it. I can use it in so many different ways. Definitely a fabulous product!

Marguerite O'Brien

This resource worked well with my students. They enjoyed matching shapes. I laminated the pieces for matching.


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