November Simple Task Bins (Printable PDF)

$4.97 USD

November Simple Task Bins (Printable PDF)

$4.97 USD
Product description

Our November Simple Task Bins provide the essential tools to increase visual memory and visual discrimination. (foundation for reading)


  • Prints on regular sized paper. 8.5x11
  • Saved in PDF Files 
  • 6 Quick and Easy Task Bins:
    1. Matching Same 
    2. Shadow Matching 
    3. Memory Game
    4. Shadow Matching Memory Game 
    5. Straight Line Puzzles 
    6. Continue the Pattern 

Saved in a 36 page PDF 

Matching Cards: Students use identical objects in their day-to-day lives to match, with increasing difficulty.

Shadow Matching Cards: Shadow matching increases the complexity of this task by showing a different version of an object's shadow. This is going to demand a more sophisticated ability to follow patterns and distinguish differences from two very similar images.

Matching Identical Images Memory Game: No one ever said that completing these tasks was going to be easy!
In order be successful at match up pairs correctly players will need concentration, memory skills and visual discrimination abilities.

Shadow Matching Memory Game: A third step advanced level for students who have mastered matching identical images.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Angela K.
    My daughter loves this.

    I ran across this website on accident, but I decided to try this set out from the preschool aged daughter and she loves it! I love that it keeps her busy! I even let her cut out the straight line puzzles all by herself. She's so proud of doing her school work. This was a great buy!

    Shelly P.
    Thank you!

    Thank you!


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