Number Sense 1-10 Adapted Books, File Folders and Posters (Digital Interactive & Printable PDF)

$9.97 USD

Number Sense 1-10 Adapted Books, File Folders and Posters (Digital Interactive & Printable PDF)

$9.97 USD
Product description
Make Numbers 1-10 Adapted Book Numbers are EVERYWHERE and are represented in many different ways in our daily lives.

Help your students develop their number sense using this compact, interactive adapted book!
  • number identification
  • telling time- digital clock
  • tally marks
  • fingers- counting fingers
  • money- coins
  • money- dollar bills
  • number words

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Interactive Adapted Books: Printable and Digital Versions
  • Numbers 1-5
  • Numbers 6-10
Interactive File Folders: Printable and Digital Versions
  • 39 ready made drag and drop file folders
  • Numbers 1-10 Printables
2 Sets of Numbers-
  1. Blank- students use the picture pieces to show the multiple ways this number can be represented
  2. Visual supports or classroom posters- has 7 ways the number can be represented

60 Picture Pieces- that are placed on the numbers

3 options for use-

1. Print and Use Worksheets
2. Adapted Book
3. Center Placed in a Bin

Set up is quick and easy!
Instructions of set up and all picture pieces are included!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Matthew Cohen

    My students were all engaged

    Helen S.
    Extremely satisfied

    I am working with an 8th-grade student who is working at a kindergarten level. This activity is a challenge for him but provides him a chance to interact in class.

    Love it!!

    I work with students with autism and are nonverbal. The simple categorizing activities are perfect for them.

    Paula A.
    Extremely satisfied

    Wonderful resource! I use this my AU student and they really enjoy it! Thank you so much for sharing!

    Thank you for your kind words, Paula! We're so happy to hear that our Number Sense 1-10 Adapted Books, File Folders, Posters Digital and Printable are working well for you and your students. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review and letting others know about your experience. We hope to continue bringing quality resources like this to educators everywhere.

    stephanie biggs-scribner

    My Teaching Assistant recommended this material to me--and she was right! It's excellent material!


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