Pronoun + VERBS Adapted Book (Printable PDF + Interactive Digital)

$4.00 USD

Pronoun + VERBS Adapted Book (Printable PDF + Interactive Digital)

$4.00 USD
Product description

Practice creating simple verb sentences with this adapted book. (ex: He is eating.)

This book works on beginning writing skills and sentences structure as your students match the corresponding pictures to the sentence strip, creating pronoun + is + verb + ing sentences with ease. (Ex: He is jumping.)

Great, interactive way to Increase MLU (mean length of utterance)!


Digital Download: PDF 7 MB

11 page adapted book + No Prep Google Slides Version

Verbs: waving, walking, sitting, singing, running, riding, kicking, jumping, skipping rope, sleeping, and eating.

2 options for picture pieces- pieces for each page, or a sentence strip.

Writing Worksheet- to copy down the sentences they created. Great for Independent Work Station or Therapy Session


Noeimi R- I am so happy I discovered this resource. It was not only helpful for my students with special needs but also for my newcomers who are just becoming aware with language structures and patterns. Very cool resource. Thanks!

Annarose F. - So great! I have so many kiddos on my caseload targeting describing action words and using the appropriate word order! Can't get enough of these resources! Buyer-I love these books! I especially like that this one has non-identical pieces to match as it makes it more challenging.

Buyer- Perfect visual and interactive product for my special education classroom. The students worked toward independence with verbs using this!

Elizabeth K.- Good for my students using AAC to learn to generate simple sentences.

Pronoun + VERBS Adapted Book (Printable PDF + Interactive Digital)

$4.00 USD
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Customer Reviews

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Amazing AdaptEd4SpecialEd

Everything from AdaptEd4SpecialEd are amazing great resources for my son.And easy to organise .Thanks AdaptEd4SpecialEd.Its makes my self easier to do activity for him at home.

Laquia Johnson
I see verbs

Great resource for building grammar skills with preschoolers and schools aged students.

Natacha D.
Fun product

I love this resource. Quick and easy to prep. Overall a Great .

Erika R.
Extremely satisfied

I have a lot of students working on learning verbs so this set is perfect. I also find that kids are more engaged with these adapted books, so I was super excited when I saw this set. Thanks so much for making them!

Alyssa G.
Extremely satisfied

Great resource!! Fun, engaging, and effective!!!!

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