Receipt Reading Comprehension (Printable PDF)

$5.97 USD

Receipt Reading Comprehension (Printable PDF)

$5.97 USD
Product description
Many students with intellectual disabilities struggle to understand the basics of financial literacy, and yet it is an essential skill they need in order to live independently.
This includes being able to read and comprehend receipts in order to understand where their money is going.

This resource was designed to introduce and help students practice the important life skill of reading and understand receipts they get when out and about.

With this download, students will be exposed to a set of receipts and be asked to answer a variety of questions relating to cost, date, time of transaction, tax rate, etc.

This resource comes with 156 page: and includes 4 differentiated levels and sorting tasks.  

Why Teach Students How to Read Utility Bills?

Teaching students with intellectual disabilities how to read and comprehend receipts equips them with a practical knowledge that can be applied on a daily basis.
Not only does it help them become financially literate but also provides invaluable life skills for independent living. It helps give them confidence in their ability to make decisions independently, instead of relying on others for assistance.
Moreover, by learning how to navigate finances on their own terms, it empowers those with intellectual disabilities to take control over their own lives and make smart choices that suit them best.

How to Use This Resource in Your Classroom
This resource was designed to be used in a special education or autism classroom, but can also be used with English language learners or any other student who could benefit from extra practice reading environmental print.

To use this resource, simply print out the desired number of worksheets and have students complete them individually or in small groups.

These worksheets are a great way to introduce environmental print reading comprehension to your students or as a review for students who have already been introduced to this skill.

These worksheets can also be used as part of a larger lesson on budgeting or household expenses.

Teaching your students how to read environmental print is an important step in preparing them for success in adulthood.

This resource was designed to help you introduce this skill in a fun and engaging way.

If you have any questions about how to use this resource in your classroom, please don't hesitate to contact us at We're always happy to help!
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      Dawn Hoffman
      I love it

      This is a great real life resource I enjoyed using with my students. It provides real life examples.


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