AAC Play Companions Core Vocabulary (Printable PDF)

$9.97 USD

AAC Play Companions Core Vocabulary (Printable PDF)

$9.97 USD
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 This set of play companions will help you to teach your students to engage in play in a natural and fun atmosphere. 

Many of our students benefit from visuals, so why not use visuals to teach play skills?!?  That’s the idea behind this visual companion set. 

An adult models the play task by using a visual support that is carefully disguised as part of the play  (Doctor’s notes, Parent’s To-Do List, etc). 

When it’s the student’s turn they have the same visual support available to them.  They simply check off the tasks as they go!

Visual supports mean less prompting and more INDEPENDENCE!  Oh, and the visual supports are also paired with core vocabulary phrases appropriate for each play task.  Let’s get them talking!  Let’s get them playing!

We can all agree that teaching play skills is SOOO important.  But why does it have to be so hard?  Well . . . NOW IT DOESN’T have to be!!! 


50 Page PDF Download

Doctor Play: 

Use the “Doctor’s Notes” and a toy doctor kit to perform “check ups” on peers.

Pet Play:

Choose a pet and take care of all its basic needs with the “Pet Owner’s To-Do List”.

Restaurant Play:

Take orders from peers and serve up meals with the “Waiter’s Notes” and menu.

Train Play:

Use language to set up a train track and direct traffic.

Baby Play:

Use the Parent’s “To-Do List” to take care of baby’s basic needs. 

This set also includes BONUS scripts for lunch and recess times

Break times are fantastic learning opportunities! Get your students using functional communication and core vocabulary during social moments.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Lara Tebo
So versitile!

This was a great resource to work on several different skills at the same time. We worked on sentence structure, visual scanning and prepositional words.


Used thoroughly with my parents- amazing and insightful resource!

Brynn Rhodes
Flexible and Helpful

Love the data sheets especially and that the materials are flexible and icons can be switched to match my students' devices.

Brooke Sheaffer
You need this resource!

An AMAZING resource for anyone working with AAC! I can’t wait to use it with the students, families, and teachers I support!

Mandy Bradford
An amazing addition for anyone teaching with AAC!

As a new special education teacher, I have been so worried about teaching students who use AAC because it isn’t something that is talked in college. This book as been an awesome resource for me and I can not wait to use it all of the information in my classroom!

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