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The gold medal in speechie stuff.  Seriously.  Teaching play skills AND fitting in AAC therapy activities?!?  Yes please! #corevocabulary #specialneeds #slp #adapted4specialed

Scripted Play Companions


 This set of scripts will help you to teach your students to engage in play in a natural and fun atmosphere. 

Many of our students benefit from visuals, so why not use visuals to teach play skills?!?  That’s the idea behind this scripted set. 

An adult models the play task by using a visual support that is carefully disguised as part of the play  (Doctor’s notes, Parent’s To-Do List, etc). 

When it’s the student’s turn they have the same visual support available to them.  They simply check off the tasks as they go!

Visual supports mean less prompting and more INDEPENDENCE!  Oh, and the visual supports are also paired with core vocabulary phrases appropriate for each play task.  Let’s get them talking!  Let’s get them playing!

We can all agree that teaching play skills is SOOO important.  But why does it have to be so hard?  Well . . . NOW IT DOESN’T have to be!!! 

50 Page PDF Download

Doctor Play: 

Use the “Doctor’s Notes” and a toy doctor kit to perform “check ups” on peers.

Pet Play:

Choose a pet and take care of all its basic needs with the “Pet Owner’s To-Do List”.

Restaurant Play:

Take orders from peers and serve up meals with the “Waiter’s Notes” and menu.

Train Play:

Use language to set up a train track and direct traffic.

Baby Play:

Use the Parent’s “To-Do List” to take care of baby’s basic needs. 

This set also includes BONUS scripts for lunch and recess times

Break times are fantastic learning opportunities! Get your students using functional communication and core vocabulary during social moments.

Customer Reviews

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Terrific Tool to Integrate Goals

The Scripted Play Companion set is a terrific tool to support integrating goals and standards within play. While children are already engaged , teachers and therapists can join right in knowing that this set incorporates language, pre-writing, mark-making, literacy, math., and much more! Engagement + supports to build fun and skills =longer and more sophisticated learning and play.

Thank you Janet! It’s wonderful to hear such positive words! We feel great about the progress we’ve been seeing while using this with our own students. We agree- engagement is the key!

What Other Special Educators Are Saying About Us

Once again the girls at AdaptEd 4 Special Ed have knocked it out of the park. These products can be used for all of my students despite the varied skill levels as they are easily adapted for different skill sets. I just love these products. My special education teachers have even started asking about where to find them.

- Nicole D.

I love how students can practice their personal information in such a fun and exciting way! This is a must have for every low incidence classroom! This has inspired me to add this as an IEP goal for my young low incidence students.

- Ashley I.

Your asking questions packets are genius. This is such a hard skill and I am super excited to print these packs (I bought a few!) to add to my classroom. Thank you for the clever products!

- Shawn S.

These books have been so helpful with my students with special needs. They take me a while to make - but so worth it. The topics are great - useful and relevant. Thank you!

- Lisa D.
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