Self Regulation: Sensory Strategies Starter Kit (Printable PDF)

$24.97 USD

Self Regulation: Sensory Strategies Starter Kit (Printable PDF)

$24.97 USD
Product description
Using Sensory Strategies are proven to have many benefits including Enhancing Focus, Concentration, Comprehension, and Memory... but how do you know which strategies are best for your child or student??
To find out, this kit starts with taking this online quiz written by our Occupational Therapist, Vanessa.

Take the quiz with 1 child in mind. Once you get your results, return to the kit and grab the visuals created for your student's needs! It's that easy!! 

Kit includes:

  • Sensory Room Activities List
  • Sensory Room 101
  • Alerting Strategies Checklist & Strategies 
  • Calming Strategies Checklist & Strategies 
  • Organization and Pressure Checklist & Strategies 
  • Animal Walks Movement Activites: Poster, Dice and Popsicle Sticks 
  • Heavy Work Fact Sheet, Poster and Activites List
  • Pressure Poster and Activites List
  • Relaxing Poster and Activites List
  • Sensory Supports Choice Board with Reinforcer and Visual Supports 
  • Ways to Wake Up My Body Poster and Keychain 

How to use

 Print Posters and Hang them on the wall
 Use movement dice and keychain visuals for quick and easy "Brain Breaks" 
 Use Checklists and Quiz to Determine What Strategies Your Child/ Students NEED

This Starter Kit has EVERYTHING you need to get started incorporating the exact strategies the students in your classroom NEED! Without having to try every strategy you've ever heard of. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Kimberly Nellis
Love this Starter Kit!

The starter kit is a MUST for all beginning teachers who serve students with low incidence and/or autism. Might as well work smarter and not harder. It has everything you need to support your students with visual supports!

Amy K.
Extremely satisfied

Great ideas and visuals!

Thank you for your review, Amy! We're glad you found the Sensory Strategies Starter Kit helpful and that you liked the visuals. We hope you'll find them useful in your work with students.

Rebecca Ansen

Amazing resource! I love that the quiz helps me to narrow down what my students may benefit from.

Jennifer Wheeler

Great resource!


Thank you!


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