Social Narrative: Bullying (Printable PDF)

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Social Narrative: Bullying (Printable PDF) School - AdaptEd4SpecialEd
Social Narrative: Bullying (Printable PDF) School - AdaptEd4SpecialEd

Social Narrative: Bullying (Printable PDF)

$3.97 USD
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Puts the Rules and Expectations of Social Norms Into Your Students' Hands 

Social Narratives Benefits

Feel Relieved Knowing that Whenever Something "Comes-Up," You'll Have the Language and Visuals to Support Them Ready. To. Go. 

This simple story is an effective behavior management strategy and can teach individuals on the autism spectrum (or other disabilities) how to behave appropriately in social situations.
This story 14-page social story describes what bullying is, and who you should go to if it happens to you.

Customer Reviews

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Kimberly Deaton

I provided this resource for a student with disabilities whose teacher was at her wit's end trying to teach him the appropriate vs. inappropriate settings for masturbating. With the support of this resource, the student reduced his masturbation activities in the classroom, alleviating stress for the student, teacher, and other participants in the classroom.

Jenni Guthrie

This came at the most perfect time for one of my students on the spectrum who uses AAC. He responded so well to the story!

MacKenzie Pfeiffer

This social story helped my students with knowing expected behaviors.

Jaime De La Ossa

This is a great resource for at-home skill maintenance. I delivered this to my students' house to use while we are not in-class. If/when we return, I plan on using it in the classroom for direct social skills.

Erica Egnew

This was a great visual support for one of my young men learning how to shave.