Social Narrative: Getting My Period: Editable (Printable PDF )

$3.97 USD

Social Narrative: Getting My Period: Editable (Printable PDF )

$3.97 USD
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 Direct social skills instruction is extremely beneficial to students with special needs. 

📗 These can be used before an upcoming event or read regularly.  

Social Narratives Benefits


This story 13-page social narrative describes that describes girls getting their period. 

We keep it simple and just go through the basics... all women get them, it happens once a month, basic hygiene (use a pad), people you can ask for help. 

Direct social skills instruction is beneficial to students with special needs. This social story can be used before an upcoming event or read regularly.

Print and bind into a book, or just read it digitally on any of your devices. 


Want to edit this book? 

Possibly add in a student name or change a picture? 📷

You can do that now! Just click the link in the back of the book and you'll be taken to an editable version saved in google slides! 💻

Customer Reviews

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Mike Tumblin

I love all of the products that you have , there great learning tools for all, thank you for all y’all do , my Apple 🍎 , the teacher that goes the extra mikes to make a different!

Jennifer Layne Roy

I can't say my student loved this resource because it was giving him information that he didn't want to have to know or conform to. Staff and family loved this resource though. I helped with picking skin and acne and the ease of editing it appropriately for student-specific behaviors (eating scabs) was a Godsend.

Taylor Watson

Great resource.

Kathleen Ballard

Really easy way to explain the sequence of this personal hygiene task.

Kathleen Ballard

Very matter of fact taking away the awkward feelings around this topic. Was helpful in educating my students on the topic.