Social Narrative: Private Parts: Editable (Printable PDF)

$3.97 USD

Social Narrative: Private Parts: Editable (Printable PDF)

$3.97 USD
Product description
Looking for a way to help your student understand why it's important not to touch other people's private parts?

Look no further than Social Skills Stories: Private Parts.

This fun, engaging social story describes why it's important to keep our hands to ourselves and provides simple explanations that are easy for students to understand.

Best of all, the story is completely editable, so you can tailor it to fit your needs.

Don't miss out on this valuable resource - download Social Skills Stories: Private Parts today!
  • 9-page social skills story
  • Print and bind into a book, or just read it digitally on any of your devices.

Social Narratives Benefits

Want to edit this book? 

Possibly add in a student name or change a picture?

You can do that now! Just click the link in the back of the book and you'll be taken to an editable version saved in google slides!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Natali A.
Very Satisfied

I love that it's editable, some of the pictures caused some giggling from students, but luckily it's editable.

Melissa Strobridge
Extremely satisfied

This is a great resource. Thank you for creating it.

Jessica Roberts Grant
Easy story for a difficult topic

Just what I needed! I have been looking for a story or template on how to address this subject for elementary school & finally came across this. Thank you! ☺️

Amy K.
Extremely satisfied

This was a very effective tool to use with my student!

Thank you for your positive review of Social Skills Stories: Private Parts, Erin. I'm glad to hear that it was effective in helping your student. We appreciate your feedback and hope that you'll continue to use our Social Skills Stories in the future.

Becky Ohler
Thank you!

I had students that needed to understand boundaries in a better way. I used it with my kindergarten students. They were engaged and enjoyed it. The seemed to understand the limits to their touching. We talked about when and where it was appropriate to place their hands on other students.


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