Social Narrative: Voice Changing: Editable (Printable PDF )

$3.97 USD

Social Narrative: Voice Changing: Editable (Printable PDF )

$3.97 USD
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Going through puberty can be a confusing time for young men, and the change in their voice is just one of the many things they have to deal with.

This Social Skills Story: Puberty: Voice Changing provides them with clear and concise information about why their voice cracks when they go through puberty, how they might feel, and that it's a totally normal process that happens to all young men.

With easy-to-read text and helpful photographs, this puberty story will help prepare your son/student for what's happening to his body and reassure him that everything is okay.

  • 10 page social skills story
  • editable version saved on Google Slides 

Social Narratives Benefits

Print and bind into a book, or just read it digitally on any of your devices.

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You can do that now! Just click the link in the back of the book and you'll be taken to an editable version saved in google slides! 💻

Social Narrative: Voice Changing: Editable (Printable PDF )

$3.97 USD
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Customer Reviews

Based on 242 reviews
Debra Haff
Special Education Teacher

Thank-you for an awesome social story to use to explain to students with ASD! It was very helpful in explaining COVID-19 to the students and also the parents!

Alison Gainok
It is a Mask

My son understands more now why it is so important to wear a mask and is willing to wear his mask. He says, "she/he is sick" whenever he sees someone wearing a mask. It is easier to talk about the importance of handwashing and staying 6 ft apart.

Jamie Kral

We appreciate social stories with real people! My son responds better to them better so huge thank you for this resource! Especially right now!

Alana Murphy
Great resource for distance learning!

Loved using this for a read aloud this week with my private group for my families. Kids deserve to have language for what is going on around them! Thanks for another great resource!

Angela Perry
Great reinforcement!

We have been working on washing hands since Covid started. Love that this has a step-by-step feel to it. We try to review this every other day or so. She really seems to understand more and is doing better with her handwashing!

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