Social Skills Stories: Classroom Expectations Bundle: Editable

$58.36 USD $83.37 USD -30% OFF

Social Skills Stories: Classroom Expectations Bundle: Editable

$58.36 USD $83.37 USD -30% OFF
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Looking for a fun and engaging way to help adolescents learn classroom expectations? Look no further than the Classroom Expectations Social Skills Story Bundle!

This bundle of stories is specifically designed to help adolescents navigate social skills, written by SLPs in clear and concise language, accompanied by helpful visuals.

Plus, all stories are editable so you can change them to address each adolescent's unique needs. So why wait? Get your Classroom Expectations Social Skills Story Bundle today!

School Expectation Social Stories

  • Keeping My Clothes On at School
  • Keeping My Shoes On at School
  • Listening
  • Controlling My Volume
  • Elopement / Running Away
  • Personal Space
  • Silly vs. Serious
  • Accepting Feedback
  • Back to Class/ Joining My Class
  • Not Answering for Others
  • Classroom Conversations (think, pair, share)
  • Watching Videos at School
  • Wearing my Glasses
  • Finishing My Work
  • When I don't Get to Answer
  • When Other Students Have Big Feelings
  • I'm Responsible for My Things
  • Using My Phone at School
  • Taking my Time with my Work
  • Respecting School Property
  • When Time is Up: Transitioning to the Next Thing

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