Social Skills Stories: Puberty Bundle: Editable

$43.95 USD $58.60 USD -25% OFF

Social Skills Stories: Puberty Bundle: Editable

$43.95 USD $58.60 USD -25% OFF
Product description
This bundle of social skills stories provides the language and visuals needed to talk about some of the common situations adolescents experience during puberty.

From acne to shaving, erections to periods, this resource provides all you need to help middle and high schoolers feel comfortable and confident as they navigate these sometimes difficult years.

Each story is written by an SLP in clear and concise language, accompanied by helpful visuals.
All stories are editable, so you can change them to address each adolescent's unique needs. 

Social Skills Stories: 


  • Acne
  • I Need To Use Deodorant
  • Private Parts
  • I Have a Boyfriends/ Girlfriend 
  • My Crush Doesn't Feel The Same Way
  • Kinds of Kisses


  • Shaving
  • Erections 
  • My Voice is Changing 
  • Masturbation


  • Masturbation
  • Putting On A Pad
  • Getting My Period
  • Period Underwear
  • Wearing a Bra
If we've missed one, send in a request and we'll work on making the story.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Mike Tumblin

I love all of the products that you have , there great learning tools for all, thank you for all y’all do , my Apple 🍎 , the teacher that goes the extra mikes to make a different!

Kalicia Beasley
Great item

i teach Special Education students with significant disabilities. The books are amazing! My kids love them and they are a great way to start a conversation with a student!

Laura C.
Kid friendly!

Great product, easy to use. Kid friendly. Students liked the material

Silvia H.
Thank you so much!

Very great and helpful resource!

Erin P.
Extremely satisfied

This bundle was great for my son. I do wish it included the regular shaving story, along with the electric razor story...but we will likely use an electric razor more frequently. I printed them out and used them in landscape format. I put them in page protectors in a notebook. We have been dealing with male puberty and I loved that these were editable. I edited the bathroom to say "my" bathroom, and I removed the school bathroom page. My son understands the stories at his level. They're simple to read, yet not PECS. I can now remind him that we are in public places and home is private, and he understands what I mean. I know most of these are in a school setting, but I would love to see more stories that can apply to home as well. These are written very matter of fact, and I appreciate that they do not make my son feel "bad" for things currently happening with his body. Thanks! :)

Thank you for your kind words, Erin! We're glad you and your son found the Social Skills Stories: Puberty Bundle helpful. I'll pass along your suggestions for future stories to our team. In the meantime, we hope you continue to find these stories useful in teaching your son during his adolescent years.


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