Social Skills Story: Where Can I Pee? Public Urination: Editable (Printable PDF )

$3.97 USD

Social Skills Story: Where Can I Pee? Public Urination: Editable (Printable PDF )

$3.97 USD
Product description

Introducing Where Can I Pee?, the Social Skills Story that provides clear direction for children on proper restroom usage and etiquette. With 11 pages of engaging, easy-to-read information about when it’s okay to urinate outside and when it’s not, this unique product is the perfect tool for helping kids learn about appropriate behavioral expectations so that everyone can enjoy a clean, safe, and private environment.

Where Can I Pee? offers explicit detail about which public locations require restroom use; school grounds and community areas are discussed, while outings to nature or camping sites all provide different protocols. The story stresses the importance of keeping places clean and hygienic in order to maintain safety measures, as well as the need to keep one’s genitals private.

With its professional yet confident tone written especially for kids, they’ll be better equipped with the knowledge they need to make smart decisions and have healthy interactions with those around them!

  • 11 Page Social Skills Story
  • Editable Text
  • Print and bind into a book, or just read it digitally on any of your devices.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 123 reviews
Laura Mark
Tools when upset

I love all the options/choices for ways to feel better when upset. This is a great social story to help kids make good choices.

Laura Mark
Great book for listening skills

Great instructions for how to be a good listener! I can't wait to use this in my classroom.

Flavia Ploog
Quick and very appropriate social story

I found out one of my clients was caught urinating in a public place. I found the perfect social story here in minutes!

Mary Dodson
Scratching others

I’m so happy that you all have this social story on scratching. It helps students to understand what and how the effects of scratching others has on the other person.

Kallan Ertley
Extremely satisfied

Great social story on classroom expectations of staying in the classroom, nice images


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