Social Story: Substitute Teacher (Printable PDF)

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Social Story: Substitute Teacher (Printable PDF)

$ 3.97
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When your regular teacher can't make it to school, a substitute will step in. 

This can be a difficult time for neurodivergent students who thrive on routine and may miss their regular teacher. 

Our social skills story: Substitute Teacher helps ease that transition by discussing what to expect and how to follow the same classroom rules.

  • 15 Page Social Skills Story
  • Editable Text
  • Print and bind into a book, or just read it digitally on any of your devices.

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Want to edit this book? 

Possibly add in a student name or change a picture? 📷

You can do that now! Just click the link in the back of the book and you'll be taken to an editable version saved in google slides! 💻

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Taylor Thomas
Extremely satisfied

Loved that I could change the picture!

Samantha Barr
Extremely satisfied

This is a great social story to have on hand for students that are still dealing with bathroom accidents at school.

Cynthia Johnson

Super easy prep for a student moving - thank you for helping me not have to reinvent the wheel!

David Clark
Great social story would recommend

assisted with behaviours for my student.

Raewyn Tucker

My students caregiver asked for help at home with their diverse learning student around his touching himself in non private rooms, this resource fitted their needs well.

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