Task Cards: Measuring Cups (Printable PDF)

$8.00 USD

Task Cards: Measuring Cups (Printable PDF)

$8.00 USD
Product description

Practice makes perfect, this set includes all the visuals your students need to master all the skills involving measuring spoons.

206 Task Cards! 

✓ 6 Levels of Differentiation! From errorless to write it in. We've got all of your student's levels covered. 
✓ Low Prep
✓ Data Sheets (that are also EDITABLE) 
✓ Functional Life Skill

Sets included:

  • What size measuring cup is this?
  • Which one should I use? Liquid or dry measuring cup
  • What is it filled to? (liquid measuring cups) 
  • Hands-on Practice 

PDF | 80 Pages | 7.8 MB 

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Customer Reviews

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Cathy Bryan
Task Cards: Measuring Cups

I plan to use these next year. These cards are perfect for my students with moderate/severe disabilities! They are visual and will be great models for matching with actual measuring cups. Also, this is great for learning/reviewing fractions. We can review these before cooking/baking!

Renata Urbanik

This has been a good task box activity. Lots of options here.

Terry Johns

Great resource for students to use at home while distance learning.

Cynthia Honaker.

My student liked this resource.

Pat Quinn
Measuring Cups Task Cards

Wonderful resource for special needs students in a life skills class. I gives the studetns opportunities to practice everyday skills.


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