Therapy Putty Task Bin Hand Exercises (Printable PDF)

$12.50 USD

Therapy Putty Task Bin Hand Exercises (Printable PDF)

$12.50 USD
Product description

Students Need help with any of the following...

Fine Motor, Fidgeting, Anxiety, Stress, Handwriting

We've combined visual supports + therapy putty to create your next favorite task bin! 

11 step by step hand exercises with pictures and video models is a great task bin that will develop fine motor skills while providing sensory input. 

Your students will beg you to use this, and you'll love how ready to work after getting a bit of a sensory break. 

14 Page PDF delivered immediately upon purchase. 📧

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Customer Reviews

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Heidi Plasek
Great Resource

This is exactly what I was looking for. I needed something that showed nice pictures to put into my bin with my theraputty. It is easy to follow. Simple enough that kids can look at the pictures and any adult coming in the room can easily assist the students!

Brittany Comstock
Never received

I never received the whole task box

Nuts and bolts taskbox

Very disappointed in this product as the teacher still has to pay for box and print laminate and cut all materials as I was looking for something already made for my students as lack of planning time.


The kiddos and I have enjoyed this very much! Nice quality and bright colors!

Ashley Middleton
Sorting cents but make it sensory

This was a fantastic task box and I love the easy to copy practical yet functional suggestions that came with it!!!


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