Utility Bills Reading Comprehension (Printable PDF)

$5.97 USD

Utility Bills Reading Comprehension (Printable PDF)

$5.97 USD
Product description
Reading and understand utility bills is a skill your students will need to have an independent life.

This resource was designed to introduce and help students practice the important life skill of reading utility bills.

With this download, students will be exposed to a variety of common utility bills and be asked to answer a variety of questions relating to accounts, costs, dates, previous balances, etc.

This resource comes with 24 Level 1 Cut & Paste Worksheets (3 questions per page) and 12 Level 2 Write-in Worksheets (11 questions per page).

The worksheets cover electricity and gas bills and can be printed in both black and white and color.

These worksheets are a fun, engaging, and visual way to practice reading different variations of commonly seen utility bills or invoices.

Why Teach Students How to Read Utility Bills?

Reading utility bills is an important life skill because almost every household receives at least one type of utility bill each month. Understanding how to read a utility bill can help students budget their money, avoid late payment fees, and understand their consumption patterns.

Teaching your students how to read utility bills is an important step in preparing them for success in adulthood.

How to Use This Resource in Your Classroom
This resource was designed to be used in a special education or autism classroom, but can also be used with English language learners or any other student who could benefit from extra practice reading environmental print.

To use this resource, simply print out the desired number of worksheets and have students complete them individually or in small groups.

These worksheets are a great way to introduce environmental print reading comprehension to your students or as a review for students who have already been introduced to this skill.

These worksheets can also be used as part of a larger lesson on budgeting or household expenses.

Teaching your students how to read environmental print is an important step in preparing them for success in adulthood.

This resource was designed to help you introduce this skill in a fun and engaging way.

If you have any questions about how to use this resource in your classroom, please don't hesitate to contact us at krystie@adapted4specialed.com. We're always happy to help!

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      Customer Reviews

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      Gail Lamothe

      The writers of this packet thought of everything. The "bill" is presented on every page to prevent students from moving back and forth. There is a high. medium, low level of presentation. The higher levels have more questions, where as the lower levels are modified in turn. There is even a cut and paste option for tose students who struggle with writing or need a multiple choice scenerio. I'm impressed!

      Amy Heiny
      Extremely satisfied

      Love this resource! It was exactly what I needed to help my students understand how to look and pay a bill.

      Kimberly Bliley
      This is an amazing resource!

      It's very realistic, which makes it so completely functional for our students.

      Alexandra Bergman
      Extremely satisfied

      A useful resource for my life skills program, thank you!

      JoAnn Scott
      Outstanding Resource

      Love, love, love…the energy bill activity. It lead to so many conversations about energy consumption with my students. I also love how many different worksheets there are & that they look so authentic!

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