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Yoga in the Classroom Occupational Therapy Adapted PE Movement Breaks Brain Break AdaptEd 4 Special Ed

Yoga Visuals Starter Kit


Yoga Breaks are a great way to get students to self-regulate and encourage smooth transitions.

All images in this bundle are REAL photographs without distracting backgrounds. 

Yoga has many proven benefits for students including:

  • Enhancing Focus and Concentration
  • Comprehension and Memory
  • Providing Beneficial Movement Breaks

2 Sets of Each Visual- Kids/ Adults  

  • Yoga Poses Poster (4 posters total) 
  • Yoga Poses Brain Break Cards- 14 cards with kids, 20 cards with adults 
    • brain break cards come in full-size pages and in 4 to a page. 
  • Yoga Poses Wearable Keychain- 16 poses with kids/ 18 poses with adults
  • Yoga Poses Popsicle Sticks- 12 poses with kids/ 18 poses with adults 
  • Yoga Poses Dice- 4 dice: 2 with kids/ 2 with adults

This Starter Kit has EVERYTHING you need to get started using yoga in your classroom.

We use these ALL THE TIME!
And we know you will too! 

How to use:

 Put on some music and go through the poses  Print or Use a Projector  Print and Post in PE or Sensory Rooms

Students respond so well to the visuals- and when they're doing yoga they're working on strengthening, motor planning, imitation skills and more!

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What Other Special Educators Are Saying About Us

Once again the girls at AdaptEd 4 Special Ed have knocked it out of the park. These products can be used for all of my students despite the varied skill levels as they are easily adapted for different skill sets. I just love these products. My special education teachers have even started asking about where to find them.

- Nicole D.

I love how students can practice their personal information in such a fun and exciting way! This is a must have for every low incidence classroom! This has inspired me to add this as an IEP goal for my young low incidence students.

- Ashley I.

Your asking questions packets are genius. This is such a hard skill and I am super excited to print these packs (I bought a few!) to add to my classroom. Thank you for the clever products!

- Shawn S.

These books have been so helpful with my students with special needs. They take me a while to make - but so worth it. The topics are great - useful and relevant. Thank you!

- Lisa D.
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