AAC Core Vocabulary Activities to Incorporate Into Your Daily Routine

If you're looking for ways to ensure that your students get daily AAC core vocabulary practice, then look no further!

These task boxes/task cards/rotation activities are perfect for both independent work as well as working with your paraprofessionals.

Core Vocabulary Put In Task Bin. Student is putting a piece of pizza in the mouth.

Plus, they're great for use in the classroom or even at home.

There are 10 activities included in this set, all of which focus on the following core vocabulary words: get, eat, drink, put, happy and sad.

Each activity is designed to be fun and engaging while also providing opportunity for repetitive practice.

Core Vocabulary Task Card

Some of the highlights include the "Get/Don't Get" shopping list task bin, which is perfect for reinforcing vocabulary related to getting and receiving items; the "Eat/Don't Eat" sorting task bin, which is a great way to help students learn about healthy eating habits; and the "Put on/Counting Bears" task bin, which helps students practice counting skills while also reinforces the vocabulary words put on and put in.

These task boxes/task cards/rotation activities are a great way to ensure that your students are getting daily AAC core vocabulary practice.

Core vocabulary task bin. Student "make" a salad.

With 10 different activities included, you'll be able to mix things up and keep things interesting.

Plus, these activities can be easily incorporated into your existing routine. So why wait?

Give them a try today!

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