Social Skills Stories

Special education is a unique field that requires educators to be equipped with a range of specialized skills and knowledge. One of the challenges of working in special education is that there is often a need for materials and resources that are not readily available.

At AdaptEd, we understand the challenges of special education and we're committed to supporting educators with high quality, easy-to-use materials. Our Forever Growing Bundle of Social Skills Stories is an extensive catalog of social skills stories that can be used with students of all ages.

The stories are written by an experienced speech pathologist and mom of an autistic son, so you can be confident they are developmentally appropriate and effective.

The stories are also editable, so you can customize them to meet the unique needs of each student. Get started today and see the difference it makes in your students' lives.

Over 70,123+ social skills stories have been sold in the last 5 years.

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