Strategies That'll Help Your Autistic Child Improve Their Concentration

Kids with autism have a unique ability to understand and learn. Most people who do not understand how autism affects the brain do not understand that. Special needs kids are very smart and grow in intelligence as they age. 

Still, there are times these children have moments where they find it hard to discern what is important and understanding moments when they need to have strong concentration.

When you have a child with autism, you should find ways to help them increase their attention span. Keep reading to find helpful strategies you can use to increase their concentration. 

Helpful Strategies To Increase Concentration 

Most kids with autism have a thought time concentrating because of two reasons: it stems from a developmental delay or the child lacks any interest to focus. Oftentimes, you are dealing with the ladder.

This is a choice. When you want to get a child to focus you should: 

  • Repeat instructions
  • Make eye contact
  • Allow frequent breaks 
  • Praise them for paying attention 

Repeating what you want a child to do is often to get them to remember the importance of the task when you notice they are beginning to wander. Sometimes they may not hear or understand you the first time.

Another tip is to repeat what your child does and says. Doing this makes children more aware of the actions they do. This helps children with autism concentrate even more. You can do this in a way to make them curious and turn it into a game by imitating one another. 

Making eye contact is especially important when you want to help focus a child's attention on something they show an obvious lack of interest in. Getting a child to refocus will not always happen right away so you want to practice patience.

It may help to use objects and markers to gain their attention. For example, you can place their favorite toy somewhere they can see when you call their name. 

It is helpful to be able to know times when your child needs a break. Special needs kids are more likely to completely shut off on a task if they are on it for too long.

When you notice they are starting to get frustrated or they are spending an extended amount of time on something, let them do something else. When your child does concentrate and finishes something, be sure to praise them for the action and offer rewards. 

Best Activities To Boost Concentration

Tasks in the form of activities are also great to boost concentration to kids with special needs. A few ways you can do this is with: 

  • Interactive media 
  • Memory games 
  • Sensory play 
  • Physical activity 
  • Art 

Interactive media has music, lights, and visuals that draw attention to a child to get them more interested. It allows them to connect to the tasks at hand and strengthen everyday skills. 

There are mobile apps, games, pop-up books, audiovisual books, and so much more that are popular with kids. These activities keep attention for longer periods of time for kids.

It can even be an excellent model for your child to grasp emotional cues better. Although interactive media is good, you also want to remember not to overdo it. Always avoid excessive media, especially before your child goes to bed. 

Creating memory games is fun for autistic kids. You can improve their attention span with board games, cards, or with your hands to get them to think. Sensory play is wonderful for boosting attention span and concentration too.

It can boost social connections in the process when you mix auditory, tactile, olfactory, and visual play experiences with the child. Everything they touch, see, hear, and smell allows them to concentrate while improving memory and power of association

Getting physical and moving around is another way to help a child with concentration. For example, yoga is effective in improving flexibility, coordination, and concentration. It is also a type of activity you can do to calm an autistic child when they are anxious or get agitated easily and lack the ability to control aggressive behavior. 

Art is a good outlet for your child to express thoughts and ideas, especially when they have a hard time putting something into words. You will find it can improve hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and memory asides from concentration. 

School Tips To Improve Concentration

An adult should always be an advocate for a child who finds certain tasks challenging. This applies to children who go to school or those who are homeschooled.  Being able to identify the problem will build confidence and heighten memory. 

Be sure to clarify the goals you want while keeping things into perspective. Remember that everyone faces moments of difficulty and you want to teach children how to overcome it without getting overwhelmed or discouraged. 

Do not think you are making things easy for a child with autism when you give them choices during tests. When you offer choices for them to select, you re-invite the desire to concentrate.

Allowing them to pick something at times rather than letting them find out an answer on their own can motivate them to deal with a task at hand. Be there to offer new solutions to remain calm and positive, and never give up on them. 

Helping Kids With Specials Needs With Troubles Concentrating

All kids need to receive love, support, and encouragement from an adult. This is particularly crucial for kids with special needs who need positive reinforcement more to strengthen their level of concentration.

When you are working with a child with autism, you still want to keep in mind that you want them to help themselves first before you offer any assistance. As an adult, it is your job to give children with special needs the tools they need to work through hard tasks. 

This will allow them to gain wisdom, reliance, strength, and, of course, better concentration. You can purchase adapted books to help your child gain focus. For any questions, you can contact us at (714) 598-9550.



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