Homeschool/ Distance Learning

Social Narrative: Limiting Screen Time

Meg Mott CCC-SLP

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Task Cards: Measuring Cups (Printable PDF)

AdaptEd 4 Special Ed

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Homeschool/ Distance Learning 

These days, “going to school” has taken on a whole new meaning for a lot of students with special needs. With remote teaching and distance learning, it has become just as important for special education students to know how to login to a computer as it is to know how to tie shoelaces.  And special educators need resources that can keep up with the increase in homeschooling. 

The challenge is, how do you teach, guide, and support special needs students who generally need more teaching, guidance, and support, without even being in the same room? (Hint: It’s in our NAME.) Why, ADAPT of course! With over 253 digital resources specifically designed for your students’ needs in mind, high-quality instruction through distance learning and homeschooling is now possible for special learners. 

Math, reading, life skills, vocational skills, behavior management… we’ve got TONS of resources that have been adapted for the digital classroom, a.k.a. Home. Like our interactive adapted books, or our “Fill the Order” Activity Sets, or our “Next Dollar Up” Task card sets. And most of our resources include a completely digital, fully interactive version that requires no printing, no laminating, no binding, and best of all, no waiting. A resource download link is sent instantly via email, so you and your student can be up in running in minutes, no matter where you are.

Take special education to the next generation and check out our perfect-for-homeschool collection of digital resources that are innovative, engaging, and effective. Students with special needs anywhere and everywhere can find success and make progress towards all of their learning goals by doing distance learning the right way.

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