"Build a..." Task Bin BUNDLE (Printable PDF's + Interactive Digital Versions)

$39.97 USD $79.97 USD -51% OFF

"Build a..." Task Bin BUNDLE (Printable PDF's + Interactive Digital Versions)

$39.97 USD $79.97 USD -51% OFF
Product description

Following Directions, Teamwork, Sequencing

Students complete tasks by following a pattern/sequencing card.   

🥪 = 🍞+🍅+🧀

Each set comes with 40-120 Printable Sequencing Cards, and uses REAL photographs of all the ingredients.

Patterns range from using 2 to 12 ingredients to complete each task.

What's Included

Includes 10 task bins! 


  • Fully editable text
  • Standard printer friendly prints 8.5x11 sheets
  • Instant Access
  • 40-120 sequencing cards per set
  • blank ordering sheets
  • photographs of all of the ingredients for students to assemble the various food items

Printable Sets

  • 🍔 Burger 
  • 🌮 Taco 
  • 🥪 Sandwich 
  • 🍦 Ice-Cream Cone 
  • 🍕 Pizza 
  • 🥗 Salad 
  • 🍣 Sushi 
  • 🥔 Baked Potato 
  • 🍝 Pasta 
  • 💝 Box of Chocolates 

    Not just a task bin! Comes with 6 Game Ideas for partner/ whole class instruction.



    • Ready to go- no need to print or prep
    • Drag and drop features 
    • Hosted on Google Slides
    • Setup instructions included
    • Each set comes with 25 digital sequencing cards
    Drag and Drop Sets
    • 🍔 Burger 
    • 🧁 Cupcake
    • 🥪 Sandwich PB&J
    • 🍦 Ice-Cream Cone 
    • 🍩 Box of Donuts 
    • 🍽️ Dinner
    • 🍣 Sushi 
    • 🥔 Baked Potato 
    • 🥪 Sandwich
    • 💝 Set of Chocolates 

    "Build a..." Task Bin BUNDLE (Printable PDF's + Interactive Digital Versions)

    $39.97 USD $79.97 USD -51% OFF

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 134 reviews
    Great Resource!

    I used the build a burger with my high school students with Intellectual Disabilities, and they had a blast! I adapted it several different ways, depending on ability level. The pictures are my students that require a little more help. We out magnets on the back and let them put together a burger chosen from the "menu" by their partner. Then they switched. We added texture to some so our visually impaired student could participate. For the students who are able to work more independently, we ran it like a restaurant, with guests, servers, and cooks. This is a fantastic resource!

    Building a Set Bundle

    What can I say, I love it!
    It’s great! This is so useful at this time because of not being able to leave the campus.
    Also it is great to access online for distance learners!! Thank you!
    Carol Esquibel
    Carol Esquibel

    Build a Burger for Life Skills & Job Training

    I absolutely LOVE the Build a Burger Task bin activity! The photos are crisp and clear, they are easy to print at home, and look even better when laminated!
    I am bummed I didn't purchase it when you were giving away the free bonus with the extra items (taco, sandwich, ice cream cone, pizza, sundae, sushi, potato, pasta, set of chocolates), but it is still worth it after how well it turned out.
    I am using the set virtually right now, and created a felt board to do a velcro display with the burgers.
    When I am able to return to campus, I will definitely print more out and use them in our weekly activities at school, in my Adult Transition class.

    Leah Spring
    Oh my gosh!!!!

    I have 7 teens and young adults with disabilities (6 with Down syndrome, one with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) These days of distance learning is NOT working for them!!! I was particularly stuck on job skills for my two young adults who are now quarantined at home. Then I saw an ad for AdaptEd4SpecialEd! WOW! This is exactly what we needed!!! After a simple download process I sent everything to my local printer and had it shipped to my house the same day. Then I laminated and cut it all out. Here are pics of what my young adults are doing today:
    19 yo Axel and 23 yo Angela are working in the Chicken Burger Shop. One is the customer orders, the other fills the order and brings it back to the customer. The customer checks to make sure they got the right food before they drive away. Sometimes the order needs correcting. 😀 Tomorrow we’ll have a family donut shop (with Dad picking up real donuts!)

    Susanne Kostaras
    Build a Burger is the Best!

    My middle school Life Skills students absolutely love this hands on activity! Everything looks real and high quality. They love using both the photo cards and the order forms to build the burgers. We also added post-its with the ingredient words for them to sort and label so it hits some reading and spelling skills as well. Held their attention quite a while too. Was worth the effort to print in color, laminate and cut out!

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