Neurodiversity Training Handbook Resource Toolkit (Digital PDF Version)

$19.97 USD

Neurodiversity Training Handbook Resource Toolkit (Digital PDF Version)

$19.97 USD
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Karen DeHaven
Excellent psychoeducational resource

This resource is going into our practice library & I imagine it will be the #1 resource for helping kids & their parents really understand how to see neurodiversity as a beneficial variation rather than a deficit.

Easy to read & great visuals!

Looking forward to checking out other resources for our therapy library at AHA!

Awesome Handbook for EVERYONE

This is a complete and concise handbook for not just teachers and classroom professionals, but parents and adult leaders of any youth programs can benefit as well. My daughter is neurodivergent (ND) and I've found that it can be a struggle to work with some of her other (ND) friends because you don't always know a lot about their different diagnoses. You can read this handbook cover to cover or keep it on your desk to quickly refresh different techniques and strategies. THANK YOU!


Very informative and user friendly.

Never received the printed version either

I haven’t received my book, I received an email that it was back ordered. Never in the page, said it was sold out. In that case, I would have waited until it was available again for purchase.

Dear Mariana González Castellanos,

Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention, and we sincerely apologize for the confusion and inconvenience you've experienced with your order. We understand how disappointing it can be to look forward to receiving a book, only to encounter delays and communication issues.

Regarding the status of your book, there was an unexpected demand that led to it being back-ordered, which unfortunately wasn't clearly communicated on our page at the time of your purchase. We are truly sorry for this oversight and any frustration it may have caused you.

We're committed to making this right for you. According to the most recent update, your book is on its way and should be delivered by 9pm tonight. We hope this brings a bit of relief knowing that your wait is nearly over.

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Thank you for your patience and understanding. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Jolene Rugg
Very Impressive

I was very impressed overall with this handbook. There is so much helpful information and helpful ideas that I will most definitely be using and sharing with my work team. Thank you for this!


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