I see... Animals Book BUNDLE: 6 Thematic Units (Interactive Digital + Printable PDF)

$35.97 USD

I see... Animals Book BUNDLE: 6 Thematic Units (Interactive Digital + Printable PDF)

$35.97 USD
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The Adapted Books Your Students Need to Boost Their Skills

Practice identifying common animals, while working on beginning writing skills and sentences structure.

Order now and receive BOTH printable and digital versions of each book. 

Thematic Units

Emergent Readers Customer Testimonial Non Engaged Readers

Differentiated Levels: 

This highly engaging set of pre-emergent readers will give your non-readers the confidence they need to begin reading instruction by using repetitive and predictive story text.

18 Book Set: +4 Differentiated Levels/Book

Visually Supported Text:

I see a (animal).   
    Visually Supported Text I see Animals Emergent Readers AdaptEd 4 Special Ed

    Interactive Sentence Strip:

    I see a ______.  

      Emergent Readers reading comprehension

      Text Only

      Emergent Readers Next to Text Only AdaptEd 4 Special Ed
      Emergent Readers Engages My Non-Engaged Readers
      Digital Setup 

      Get started with the interactive digital versions 💻 in a matter of SECONDS. 

      Digital Versions are saved on Google Slides  

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 112 reviews
      Marguerite O'Brien

      This resource worked very well with my Down Syndrome students.

      April Fjeld

      Great product.

      Teodoro Carabajal

      This resource was very valuable in that it catches the students eye and created an engaging learning experience in the classroom.

      Lauren Schaaff

      These books are a wonderful resource for my students are limited readers and need visuals to support them. It repeats a pattern and gives my students an chance to be successful with a difficult skill. I also love that it uses real pictures to help make a connect for my students.

      Kelsey McMullen

      My favorite resource to use with my early AAC users.