Adapted Books

Adapted Books

Your students deserve only the best. That’s why you shop at AdaptEd 4 Special Ed when it’s time to find lessons designed to meet the unique needs of special learners. At AdaptEd 4 Special Ed  the best lessons to fit your students needs are only a web search away. Conveniently browse our extensive collection of adapted books to keep your students engaged and learning. 

Special educators prefer adapted books because they integrate reading and writing into expanding learning and increasing communication. Adapted Books are popular with special educators, special needs parents and a mainstay in autism classrooms (ASD) for multiple reasons. Adapted Books provide repetition to maximize learning while also working on fine motor skills, matching and building social skills

Adapted books give non-verbal and non-readers a chance to enjoy reading, meet success and build their confidence. Adapted books can be adapted to meet the needs of different ages and skill levels. Adapted books provide a clear expectation of participation during reading, and turn a passive lesson into an interactive one. 

Unlike traditional books that are flat and not generally interactive, adapted books have been modified in some way to make it more accessible to a learner with special needs. Adapted books can include moveable pieces, braille, communication visuals or sentence strips, and can be modified to meet the unique needs and skill level of each student. Adapted books can be created to help learn new skills and can be made for nearly any topic. 

When searching for adapted books consider your students age, mobility, skill level, communication needs and interests. The best special education brands create adapted books that cater to needs specific to these factors. If you know your student is easily distracted or can become visually overwhelmed choose adapted books with clear and simple images. Homeschooling parents and distance learning educators may prefer a digital interactive approach to adapted books. Digital interactive adapted books don’t require any printing, and are ready to be used by your students in a few clicks. 

Digital adapted books can be easily added into Google Classroom, used in Google slides or downloaded into a Powerpoint presentation. Digital adapted books mix the interactive nature of adapted books with technology to provide something that is no prep for teachers or parents while still providing the interactive piece and repetition that is necessary for learning. Whether your student is just starting their school journey or an adult, keep your students learning and engaged with top rated adapted books available at AdaptEd 4 Special Ed

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