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I see... Animals Book Set (Printable PDF)

$52.95 $35.97

I see... Animals Book Set (Printable PDF)

$52.95 $35.97

Builds Confidence In Your Pre-Readers

Emergent Readers Customer Testimonial Non Engaged Readers

I see Animals: 36 Book Set (digital/ printable) 

This highly engaging set of pre-emergent readers will give your non-readers the confidence they need to begin reading instruction by using repetitive and predictive story text.

Emergent Readers Feeling of Accomplishment

Each of the 6 thematic animal units includes:


I see a (animal).   
    Visually Supported Text I see Animals Emergent Readers AdaptEd 4 Special Ed
    I see a ______.  

      Text Only
        Emergent Reader Symbolated Text

          Next to:

          I see a (animal) next to a (animal).   
            Adapted 4 Special Ed Easy Reader Wild Animals Next to Emergent Readers
            I see a _______ next to a _________. 

              Text Only Emergent Readers Next to Text Only AdaptEd 4 Special Ed
                Emergent Readers Highly Competitive


                  I see a (animal) and a (animal). 
                  Emergent Readers And I see a ____ and a _____. 

                    Text Only

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                        Emergent Readers reading comprehension

                        El clásico juego "Veo un ..." ha sido traducido al español y se incluye sin costo adicional.

                        The classic "I see a..." set has been translated into Spanish and is included at no additional cost. 

                        🙋 Are these American spelling or Australian?  

                        American spelling. We are based in the United States. 

                        🙋 Will these be sent to me as real books or are they only digital?  

                        This is not a physical product. These books will be emailed to you immediately upon purchase. 📧 💻

                        🙋 Do you have these wonderful easy readers books in Spanish?  

                        Yes! We have translated them into Spanish as well as English. You get both the sets with this purchase! 

                        🙋 Do you have something similar using ASL or SEE signs. If not could you create the same books using sign language? 

                        Yes, we have a series of ASL emergent readers. Click here to find them.

                        🙋 I purchased the 36 "I see" animal books. I cannot find how to actually download them.Please help!  

                        Your order should have been sent to you immediately upon purchase. If you've misplaced your download link, don't worry! Just click this link, enter your email address and your link will automatically resend to you! 

                        Resend Order Download Link

                        🙋 Do these come to you already premade, in book format with all the pieces ready for immediate use. 

                        Yes, we have a set of our 5 best sellers that are professionally bound and shipped to your door for $59.97. Click here to check them out. 

                        🙋 Do they all have the same grammatical structure, e.g. I see a . . .?  

                        All of the books begin with "I see a..." but there's 3 different version included. 

                        1. I see a...
                        2. I see an (animal) and an (animal)
                        3. I see an (animal) next to an animal) 

                        🙋 How many pages per book?  

                        The books pages vary based on the number of animals in each set, but most books have about 18 pages. 

                        🙋 Are there 36 books or 36 pages?  

                        Books, not pages. :) This set includes 628 pages, and 36 books. 

                        Right now you can also 6 books translated into Spanish as well! (an extra 128 pages.) 

                        Customer Reviews

                        Based on 62 reviews
                        I See books

                        This set of I See Animal books is great. I like being able to choose the degree of difficulty for my very early readers in my special Ed room. The pages have wonderful real life pics which my class always prefers. I’m using them now to share via live chats with my class.


                        Hello. I did not receive the animal books with only words (not the icons with words), as advertised.

                        A blessing

                        Bought for my 6 yr old who is challenged he loves the pictures

                        So many choices

                        I am so excited with how many options came with this set. I can use them with lower levels that are very picture dependent and with more advanced that are working on prepositions and more complex sentences.

                        Adaptable books

                        I have recently purchased my first, second, and third adaptable books from Adapted 4 Special Ed. Assembly is easy enough and thus far, my special ed students are enjoying their new books. Thank you for knowing what we need!