Counting Coins: "Buying Snacks" Task Bin Activity BUNDLE (Interactive Digital + Printable PDF)

$20.97 USD $26.37 USD -21% OFF

Counting Coins: "Buying Snacks" Task Bin Activity BUNDLE (Interactive Digital + Printable PDF)

$20.97 USD $26.37 USD -21% OFF
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This is the bundle you NEED to teach counting coins.

Perfect for early elementary or special education classrooms. 

MONEY Coin Counting Purchasing Center BUNDLE

BONUS: Buy today to get 160 Coin Identification Task Cards FREE. 🤑

Printable PDF

7 Task Bin Centers

  • I can buy gummy bears. (Pennies)
  • I can buy lollipops. (Nickels) 
  • I can buy candies. (Dimes) 
  • I can buy donut holes (Quarters) 
  • Nickels and Pennies 
  • Dimes and Pennies
  • Quarters and Pennies

- 4 differentiated levels of support included with each center!

1. Visual Counting Support and Velcro Strips
2. Velcro Strips (No Visual Counting Supports)
3. Visual Counting Support- No Velcro
4. Candy/ Price Only


Set up instructions included

Digital Versions

Distance Learning? 

You can get started with the interactive digital versions 💻 in a matter of SECONDS. 

Drag and Drop on Google Slides:





Pennies and Nickels

Pennies and Dimes

Pennies and Quarters 

Digital Setup

BONUS Coin Identification 

Still have students working on coin identification?

Differentiation is a breeze when you have the right materials. 

Buy this set today, and get 160 coin identification task cards FREE. 

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Customer Reviews

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Debra Gann

Students are enjoy these activities

Kimberly Fussell
Counting Coins

My kiddos love this activity. Its a great way to teach money skills. Very interactive!!!

Joni Van Ginkel
Counting coin task bins

This is a great resource. The pictures make it more engaging for my students.

Marcella Demulling
Great activity for transferring knowledge

I've been looking for activities that allow my students to transfer their knowledge from paper and pencil activities to real life situations especially during the COVID-19 pandemic and the way that the school is having to operate. In our school field trips are limited so this will help simulate those type of activities. Thanks for creating such an awesome activity.

danielle Delaney
autism teacher

my students loved the hands activity and it hoped them to understand money better.


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