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No Prep: 

It’s no secret. As educators, our workday doesn’t begin and end when our students come and go. Many of us are in the classroom well before our kids walk through the door, and leave well after they’ve gone home for the day. Some may wonder what exactly teachers do spending all of their “free” time in the classroom. And though everyone’s answer may be different, my response always ends with, “But doesn’t it feel better knowing that teachers put in all of that extra time, effort, and energy into their students’ education?”

Just to set the record straight, teacher prep is time-DEVOURING..

Yes, teachers spend countless hours outside of regular school hours, AND on weekends and bank holidays… cutting, gluing, laminating, stapling, velcroing, disinfecting, crying, and about a hundred other ing’s, all in the name of prep-work. But it’s time we take our freedom (or at least SOME of it) back. It’s time to cut down on prep-time.

AdaptEd is here to lead the “revolution”. Imagine a world in which you no longer have to suffer through paper cuts, printer jams, running out of ink, or waiting in line for the laminator. Imagine that, with a click of a button, and in a matter of seconds, your students are actively learning, mastering, and totally CRUSHING their skills and IEP goals. Well, imagine no more, because the future is NOW.

With (need a number here, i.e. hundreds or over 150, etc.) NO PREP resources that are completely DIGITAL, AdaptEd is ready to kick your classroom into overdrive. We’ve got task card activity sets, emergent readers, OTHERS? that are fully interactive, instantly downloadable and accessible, and best of all, no prep required.. That means no more cutting, gluing, laminating… and so on. Simply click, download, open, and voila, your students are good to go. 

Now, the only real problem is what will you do with all of the free time?

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