Task Cards: Food Storage: Where Does It Go? (Interactive Digital + Printable PDF)

$10.97 USD

Task Cards: Food Storage: Where Does It Go? (Interactive Digital + Printable PDF)

$10.97 USD
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Clip, circle, tap, or write in where the food item should go... in the pantry, freezer or refrigerator. 

368 Task Cards (4 per page)

✓4 Levels of Differentiation. We've got ALL of your student's levels covered. 

✓ Errorless, Field of 2, Field of 3, Write It In (92 task cards per Level) 

✓ Data Sheets (that are also EDITABLE) 

✓ Functional Life Skill 

✓ Interactive Digital Task Cards (All 4 Levels) 

Digital versions can be accessed by you and your students in just a few clicks! 

Saved on Google Slides, they can easily be added to google classroom or shared via google drive to your students. 

PDF | 7.6 MB |128 Pages


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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Amanda Klein
Great Resource

Laminated and put in independent work stations. Used clothes pins and dry erase markers for students to select their responses. Loved they are differentiated and able to be used by my whole class.

Pamela Wilkins
keeps my student on her toes when choosing

I like that sometimes the foods come up with different choices. I have one student who will pick the same side of a slid very often , this one makes her think and choose

Sherri W

I just found out about this site. It is wonderful. This item is great and so many cards for my high school grads. Thanks for doing the work for me with realistic pictur es. The kids will love them! 5 stars

Chris Scott
Love My Manipulatives!

During this distance learning my son's class has been using googleclassroom. He has been doing "ok" with the online learning but he really likes using the tangible manipulatives. He gets excited to look for the right answer and putting it in the right spot. I have never seen him take so much pride in his work.

Deb Cox
Can’t wait!

I just love how perfectly differentiated these cards are!!! The pictures are great! Can’t wait til this pandemic is over so I can use them!


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