Life Science Ecosystems: Plant and Animal Adaptations + Science Experiments BUNDLE (Printable PDF)

$39.99 USD

Life Science Ecosystems: Plant and Animal Adaptations + Science Experiments BUNDLE (Printable PDF)

$39.99 USD
Product description

Need a Simple Solution to Teach REAL Science Concepts?

We all want to provide the best instruction for ALL students. This set evolved out of a collaboration between Gen Ed and SPED, to create materials that hit standards based instruction that is accessible to a variety learning styles.

What's Included

Simple stories that visually describe each biome, bring plant and animal adaptations to life with beautiful pictures that help improve comprehension. 

8 Book Set: 

Rainforest Biome: The Amazon Rainforest 

Tundra Biome: The Arctic Tundra 

Desert Biome: The Sonoran Desert 

Ocean Biome: The Great Barrier Reef 

Deciduous Temperate Forest Biome: Smoky Mountains

Chaparral Biome: California’s Chaparral  

Taiga Biome: Canada’s Boreal Forest

Grasslands Biome: The African Savanna 

Hands-On Science Experiments 

  • Step by Step Visual Supports
  • Observation Sheet
  • + Teacher Notes 
  • Extension Activities 


    • Domain specific science vocabulary highlighted in the text
    • Vocabulary cards included
    • Use as flash cards, play a memory game or simply review the vocabulary words and definitions. 

    Cloze Reading

    • Let your students show their comprehension by filling in the blanks. 


    • Fully editable text allows you to customize the materials to best meet the unique needs of your students. 

    NGSS Standards

    Elementary Life Science:


    Kindergarten:  Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems:  Animals, Plants & Their Environment

    Grades 2:  Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems

    Grades 3:  Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems

    MS and HS Life Science:  

    Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems

    Middle School: Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems- Organisms in an Ecosystem

    High School:  Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems-Organisms Dependent on Environmental Interactions



    Middle School:  Adaptations- in any given environment some organisms thrive while others do not survive. 

    Life Science Ecosystems: Plant and Animal Adaptations + Science Experiments BUNDLE (Printable PDF)

    $39.99 USD
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