Science Sorts: File Folder GROWING BUNDLE (Printable PDF + Digital)

$39.97 USD

Science Sorts: File Folder GROWING BUNDLE (Printable PDF + Digital)

$39.97 USD
Product description

Simple Way to Teach Science Skills... 

Engage your students with these interactive file folders. 

Both digital and printable file folder sorts are included with this set. 

This set will continue to grow and you'll receive email updates anytime new materials become available. 

Topics Covered: 
  • States of Matter: Solid, Liquid, Gas
  • Animal Classification
  • Simple Science Sorts: Day vs. Night, Hot vs. Cold, Time etc. 
  • Space/ Planets 
  • 5 Senses 
  • Weather 
  • Natural Disasters 
  • Descriptive Word Sorting 
  • Life Cycles 
  • Plant Parts

Currently includes 216 digital sorts... 

This set will continue to grow, and we're taking requests! If you have a specific topic you'd like covered please reach out to with the subject line "Request" and we'll do our best to add it in! 

Science Sorts: File Folder GROWING BUNDLE (Printable PDF + Digital)

$39.97 USD
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kathleen Lopez

Student love them

Kristen Southwell
Amazing product

Brilliant bundle I am looking forward to using with my Special Ed class! The time it will save me by not having to make the bundle itself is crazy!!

Great sorts and template

The science sorts and templates are great! The reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 was because some of the pictures and sorts lack diversity of people and I had to create some of my own pictures to make up for that. It needs more people of different races and abilities. If this is made for students with disabilities it needs to incorporate them too. Also I wish that all of the sorts that were in the digital slides were in PDF form because I had to copy and paste the pictures into a Google doc to create the sorts myself.

Samantha Morton
Amazing product!

This set of adaptive science sorters, was perfect for my 2E learner, I work as a special educator myself, but this product was exactly what he would have designed himself, He is a sensory seeking ADHD buddy, who is profoundly gifted academically, and he hasnt even gone to kindergarten yet! He loves it!

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