"How Many? What Color? What?" Adapted Book Conv... $3.97 USD
The Adapted Books Your Students Need to Boost Their Skills Practice identifying the attributes of what, quantity, and color, while working on beginning writing skills and sentences structure. 11 pages total + All Books Can Be Printed  Coloring Sorting File Folders (digital & printable) Order now and receive both printable and digital versions of each book.  Want more of these books? Check out the adapted book bundle here.  Differentiated Levels  Get your students engaged in their learning with these hands-on interactive books.  Students match the corresponding pictures to answer the questions while simultaneously writing an I see... sentence. (Ex: I see 6 blue jellybeans.)  4 differentiated levels included to ensure that these book will meet the unique needs of YOUR students.    Digital Setup  Have no time to prep?  You can get started with the interactive digital versions 💻 in a matter of SECONDS.  Not minutes, seconds, seriously!  Digital Versions are saved on Google Slides™  
"Build a Box of Chocolates" Task Bin Activity (... $7.97 USD
 Teach your students to follow instructions and directions while working on visual memory, visual discrimination, sequencing and motor planning at the same time! This set works on so many skills at once! Often times our students with special needs have a difficult time following verbal directions. This set lets your students work on a variety of skills while allowing them to meet success by providing them with the visuals they need to complete tasks independently! Includes: NO PREP digital option (depicted in video preview) 80 Chocolate Box Pattern / Sequencing Cards Clear photographs of everything, chocolate box and chocolates Each pattern/sequencing card shows a completed Chocolate Box. Chocolate box Pattern/ Sequencing Cards range from 3-8. 6 Game Ideas for partner/ whole class instruction. Use the cards at an independent workstation or turn it into a partner/ whole class activity by using the game options. Individual Task Bin: If your student is overwhelmed by the larger combinations- teach them to cover everything on the card above the layer they are currently working, moving it up with each piece they add. Visual Perceptual Work: Build a chocolate box using one of the cards then set out a few cards below it. Have your student determine which chocolate box you built. This could also be a partner work-where one student is working on completing the task and the other student is only working on the visual perceptual piece. Want more? This set is included in our Build a... BUNDLE that includes 9 more food sets. Click here to check it out. 
Valentine's Budget Number Line Worksheets - Do you have Enough Money? Valentine's Budget Number Line Worksheets - Do you have Enough Money?
Valentine's Budget Number Line Worksheets - Do ... $3.97 USD
Teaching budgeting to special education students is an important life skill that can lead to a range of advantages. Budgeting helps students learn how to manage their finances and prepare for their future by giving them the necessary tools and knowledge they need to make smart money decisions. It provides students with the skills they need to make sustainable financial choices, budget responsibly, and plan for their futures. Budgeting also gives these students the confidence and knowledge needed to make important financial decisions throughout their lives. What's Included:  This freebie Valentines Day budgeting resource contains 36 pages to help you teach this important life skill in your classroom with 3 different types of leveled worksheets. Help your students get a handle on their finances by learning how to determine what's in their budget using a number line (1-5, 1-10,  1-20, 10-30, 5-50 (by 5's), 10-100 (by 10's)!

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