Core Vocabulary | Task Bins | Set 2: Up · Down · Open · Close · Same · Different · Make · Who

$19.97 USD

Core Vocabulary | Task Bins | Set 2: Up · Down · Open · Close · Same · Different · Make · Who

$19.97 USD
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Ensure that your students get daily practice in the classroom by using these task boxes/task cards/rotation activities!  

Core Vocabulary Task Bins AAC Special Education Speech Therapy SLP Special Needs

This set seriously makes core vocabulary AAC practice a no-brainer.

Great for both independent work as well as working with your paraprofessionals.  

This is set 2 and it has everything you need to get lots of fun repetitive practice the following core vocabulary words: up/down, open/close, same/different, make and who. 


Up / Down:

  • Sorting Task Bin
  • Car Driving Task Bin

Open / Close:

  • Clothespin Choice Task
  • Open / Clothes Activity Task Bin
  • Open It: Unwrapping Presents 

Make It:

  • Make a Face Task Bin
  • Choice Making Task Cards

Same / Different:

  • Which One Is different?
  • Find The Same
  • Same / Different Sorting 


  • Who?- Clothespin Choice Task Cards

That’s 11 complete core vocabulary tasks- totaling 104 pages of communication practice!

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Eileen Cangemi

I used the EAT/DON'T EAT with my 1-3 intensive needs students and they were all about placing the food pictures in the boxes I made for them. My TAs were amused by the do not eat food on the floor because that doesn't always phase my kids, but it was fun and it kept all of us interested and working.
This is another quality product that I have gotten from you and I will keep on using the many products that I have purchased over the years.

Terry Johns

Great resource for students while distance learning.

Kara Tucker
Task Cards Galore!

I was struggling to find life skills/ social skills for my particular level of students with autism that they could potentially do independently, but these picture based activities really do the trick! Relying heavily on sorting and matching, the print outs also hit upon grouping, same/ different, and create conversation on the life skill it represents. I was pleasantly surprised and truly amazed by the sheer amount of activities this zip file contains: spoiler alert! You will definitely want to print this out at school and take stock in Velcro! I will be purchasing from this site again in the future!

Shauna Carrick

Thank you. Fun and engaging.

Pamela Wilkins

this was great for a student that tends to eat anything, to differentiate foods that are safe. this student would not differentiate between food that has spoiled or become dirty and this helped to refer back to the task when taking foods