Task Bin 3: Busy With Bugs (Ships to You)

$29.99 USD

Task Bin 3: Busy With Bugs (Ships to You)

$29.99 USD
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The Task Bins Your Students Need to Thrive

Quality Visual Cues Make the Difference...

8 Task Bin Activities Included
  1. Sort by Color

  2. Sort by Insect vs. Non-Insect

  3. Sort by Size: Small vs Large 

  4. Sort by Walking vs. Flying bugs

  5. Match with Same: Photograph to Plastic Bug

  6. Bug Facts: Did you know?

    • 12 task cards
  1. Prepositions: Place the Bug 

    • 24 Put a bug... sentence strips. 
    • Visually supported text and plain text options included.
    • Printable Communication Board Page
  1. Following Directions: Find the bug that...

    • 16 following directions sentence strips.
    Shipping and Delivery

    55 Page PDF delivered immediately upon purchase. 📧

    • Pack of 45 pieces fake bugs set, large and small sizes mixed.
    • Toy bugs set may contain Spider, Big Bee, Cricket, Ladybird, Bat, Frog, Fly, Butterflies, Little Bee, Ant, Mantis etc.
    • Made of non-toxic plastic, safe to touch, observe and play, soft and odor free. 
    • Each insect measures from 1.5 inch to 4 inch long. 
    Bugs and Tweezers set  Delivered Within 1 Week in the USA.
    Due to COVID-19 Shipping Times Are Slower Than Usual
    Ships Same Day if Ordered Before 12:00  PM PST. 📦

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews

    This task bin comes with a lot of different activities and they are differentiated (text with picture cues and full text) so all of your students can benefit from them. They use nice colorful pictures and it also includes a communication board to use for the different activities which is awsome!

    Bugs Task Bin

    I received the materials quickly and I was ready with my printed and laminated download. I haven't used it with my students yet but I did use it at home with my own kids. I love that there is so much differentiation embedded in the task. When I used the preposition sheets, I really liked having the visual prompts when I needed them. Thanks for such an amazing resource.

    So fun!

    Love the activity. Love the differentiation.

    Excellent products!

    So thankful to have found this site! The children will enjoy having a better hands-on option while learning about bugs!

    Quality Resource

    It is so nice to find a quality special education resource that is colorful, attractive, engaging and flexible. This task bin will be a favorite for students with special education needs as well as general education students!