Task Bin 10: Nuts and Bolts (Ships to You)

$29.99 USD

Task Bin 10: Nuts and Bolts (Ships to You)

$29.99 USD
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Develop Fine Motor Skills and Coordination 

The large size of these nuts and bolts encourages kids to develop their pincer grasp which is the basis of many fine motor skills. 

What's Included

Delivered to Your Door:

  • 32 Pieces: large plastic nuts and bolts

Printables Delivered Digitally:

  • Sorting: Color, Shapes, Type
  • 24 Place It Prepositions Strips
  • 32 Matching Same Task Cards
  • 19 Which Does Not Belong? Task Cards
  • 76 Putting Them Together Task Cards
  • 16 "Find it!" Following Directions Strips

Sorting by Shape, Color, and Type: 

Sorting and matching are important pre-vocational skills that build visual discrimination and create a sense of order.

Hand Strength 

Build Hand Strength:

Strengthen hands and fingers as they turn, twist, and screw the nuts and bolts together. Hand strength is essential for pre-writing as well as other fine motor activities.

Interactive Task Cards

Highly Interactive Printable cards help teach and practice prepositions. Matching and "which one does not belong" helps to cover a wide variety of IEP goals with just 1 set.

Shipping and Delivery 

32 Pieces: Large Plastic Nuts and Bolts Delivered to Your Door

Delivered Within 1 Week in the USA.

Ships Same Day if Ordered Before 12:00  PM PST. 📦

Task Cards are Delivered in a 67 Page PDF delivered immediately upon purchase. 📧

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Ramona M.
Huge hit!

Huge hit!

Ashleigh Y.
Great purchase!

This resource is well thought out and easy to use. It covered a good range of learning areas and was super engaging for my students.

Perfect accompaniment for our insect unit.

My students were engaged and focused while using this resource during our insect unit.

Lynn B.
So much is included!

There is so much included in this set! I have only been able to use a small portion so far, but my students love being able to do math using stamps!

Kimberly Shaw
Resources Galore

This kit has so many different things you can do with it. I love it and my kids totally loved it.