Task Bin 9: Directed Drawing and PreWriting Strokes Tracing (Ships to You)

$29.99 USD

Task Bin 9: Directed Drawing and PreWriting Strokes Tracing (Ships to You)

$29.99 USD
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Your students will LOVE this, and you'll love how ready to work they are after getting a bit of a sensory "break". 

125 Page PDF delivered immediately upon purchase. 📧

Tracing/ Pre-Writing Strokes 

Includes 56 Print-and-Go Tracing pages using real-world images.

Students master the essential pre-writing strokes in an artistic way by finishing each scene. Just print and place in sleeve protectors to use again and again.

Pre-writing skills are the fundamental skills children need to develop before they are able to learn to write. They are a major contributor to a child’s ability to hold and use a pencil to draw, write, copy, and color.

A core component of pre-writing skills are the pre-writing shapes. They are the pencil lines and strokes that most letter, numbers, and beginning drawings are comprised of. These skills must be mastered in order to successfully learn to print the alphabet.

Pre-writing skills are an essential building block for good handwriting in the future. Typically, each pre-writing line or shape is developed sequentially, based on how old the child is.

The strokes and their specific levels are as follows: 

- Vertical Line- Age 2 imitates, age 3 copies/masters
- Horizontal Line- Age 2 ½ imitates, 3 copies/masters
- Circle Shape- Age 2 ½ imitates, 3 copies/masters
- Cross Shape (+) – Age 3 ½ imitates, age 4 copies
- Square Shape- Age 4
- Right/ Left Diagonal Line- Age 4 ½
- X Shape- Age 5
- Triangle – Age 5

Directed Draw 

22 Print-and-Go Directed Drawing templates provide step-by-step visual supports to guide artists through the drawing process from start to finish.

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Task Bin 9: Directed Drawing and PreWriting Strokes Tracing (Ships to You)

$29.99 USD
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Kimberly Nellis
Measuring Cups & Visual Recipes

Can't wait to try this out with our students. They are going to LOVE it! The realistic pictures are awesome.

Kimberly Nellis
Wooden Geoboard Task Box Activity

Just received this activity and am excited to send this out to our Multiple disability elementary classrooms. Trying to find manipulative activities for multi-sensory can be tough. I like that I didn't have to go out and source the items at a local store and put it all together. Easy is the name of the game!

Kimberly Nellis
Busy w/ Bugs Task Bin Activity

Just received the "Busy with Bugs" and am excited to get it out into my elementary MD teachers classroom. She has been looking for additional hands-on manipulative type task bins. I think this will be just the thing to add to her task box collection. Her boys are going to LOVE it!

Heidi Plasek
Great Resource

This is exactly what I was looking for. I needed something that showed nice pictures to put into my bin with my theraputty. It is easy to follow. Simple enough that kids can look at the pictures and any adult coming in the room can easily assist the students!

Brittany Comstock
Never received

I never received the whole task box

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