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A social narrative is a story that is written to teach students about a specific social situation.  Whether you are a newbie (welcome!) or a veteran in the special education realm, we bet you’ve heard of them.  You might be more familiar with referring to them as Social Stories,  which is the trademarked term used by Carol Grey (The woman who created the first social stories in the early 90’s.  Thank you, Carol!  We bow down to you!!!).

Brief and to-the-point, these stories offer clear cut explanations, expectations and guidelines to follow for a limitless number of topics.

AdaptEd’s growing collection of social narratives use real images.  We feel that this provides the most concrete, relevant and accessible material for our students.  Real images also help to open our social narratives up to a vast age-range of learners.  That’s right- now you can use the same social narrative about fire drills with your kindergartner and your eighth grader.  

Social narratives are one of our go-to options for teaching rules and expectations AND fostering independence in our students.  That’s why we pride ourselves on facing topics head on- even the awkward or uncomfortable ones.  We feature a collection of social narratives on puberty, including real-word important considerations like having crushes, using deodorant, and -YES- even topics like masturbation and dealing with erections.

Don’t have a need for puberty social narratives just yet?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered from everything from nose picking to being okay with losing.

The majority of our social narratives include editable text.  We believe that having the ability to personalize a narrative to individual needs is beyond valuable.  

Don’t see a narrative for a pressing topic?  Let us know and we’ll add it to our to-do list.  Or, never miss out on a topic by purchasing our entire growing collection- get access to every narrative we write!

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